US sources: 312 thousand dollar cost of the war on Iraq hourly

Posted on September 29, 2014


Follow-up 29/09/2014

American sources for cost-prohibitive for military operations and air strikes in Iraq, and showed that more than 312 thousand dollars in hourly costs are expensive price that will add a heavy burden on the American budget if it continues for more than three years, announced by Obama, it would be a long war.

 According to reports, the “war on the organization of” Islamic state “in Iraq and Syria cost the Treasury alone, more than 312 thousand dollars per hour, if they continue their own pace as it is since it began at dawn last Tuesday, the first Thursday of any 5200 dollars per minute, and almost 87 per second, and after all the Ins and Outs of $ 174. “

The newspaper, Miro Bartanih reports similar to those of America, that: “the cost of using aircraft per hour amounting to 35 000 pounds any 56 850 USD and using two six hours in any task undertaken will cost about 200 000 pounds any 324 000 and $ 880. “

The British House of Commons had voted Friday evening to approve the participation of his country’s government, headed by David Cameron in strikes in coordination with the international coalition against the positions of the “Islamic state” in Iraq, not to send ground troops, while continue to support the international military to fight what they called “foreign fighters “and” international terrorism. “

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