Mark of The Beast ( Vax 666) Lithuanians gather clash with police in attempt to oppose government’s restrictions for non-vaccinated people.

BNN August 12, 2021

In spite of the mass protests held outside the government building in Vilnius 11 August, the leading politicians decided to pass the legislative draft regarding new restrictions to be imposed for people who do not have a valid Covid-19 certificate from mid-September onward, as reported by Lithuanian public media LRT.

On 11 August several hundred people gathered outside the government meeting in the first half of the day. After some time the number of protesters had reached about 5 000. At night protests turned into riots, and police had to intervene.

The decision of the Lithuanian government states that from 13 September onward residents who are 16 years or older and who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 will not be able to attend indoor events, go to barber shops, cafes and stores that do not sell goods of first necessity.

Residents who do not have a valid Covid-19 certificate will be able to shop at food, veterinary, optician stores, as well as visit art exhibitions, libraries and public outdoor events for up to 500 participants.

Lithuanian Minister of Health Arūnas Dulkys explains the need for restrictions with excessive workload observed for the country’s healthcare sector, seeing as though there are already 334 Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at hospitals in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said «during this wave, we are less concerned about the number of cases and more concerned about the impact on the health system».

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