Obama: Army Abadi is unable to respond to the organization of the Islamic state and al-Maliki holds responsibility

Posted on September 29, 2014


Follow-up 29/09/2014

Acknowledged President Barack Obama, in a television interview that the government army in Iraq is unable to deal with what he called terrorism within its borders, accusing al-Maliki that he pay for the emergence of terrorist organizations in the time that he was interested in building a Shia base.

Obama said in a television interview on CBS, said: “James Clapper, director of national intelligence overestimated the capabilities and the will of the Iraqi government forces in the face of the organization of the Islamic state,” adding that: “the organization threatens the Arab region in Iraq, Syria, and National Security in America” .

واضاف اوباما :”اني اعتقد اننا بالغنا في تقدير القدرات القتالية للارهاب في الشرق الاوسط، وبين ان حكومة المالكي اهدر الفرصة لقمع التطرف وبناء دولة ديموقراطية، وهو كان مهتما ببناء القاعدة الشيعية في البلاد”. Obama said: “I think we overestimated the capacity to combat terrorism in the Middle East, and between the government of al-Maliki wasted opportunity to suppress extremism and building a democratic state, and he was interested in building a Shia base in the country.”

واشار بقوله الى ان :”سياسة المالكي في ادراة حكم البلاد دفعت من الظهور والتمهيد للتنظيم، والذي حاول جاهداً بناء قدراته وسط فوضى الحرب الاهلية في سوريا، وأنهم كانوا قادرين على إعادة بناء أنفسهم والاستفادة من تلك الفوضى “ He pointed out that by saying: “Policy-Maliki in the administration to govern the country paid from appearing and the boot of regulation, which tried hard to build its capacity amid the chaos of civil war in Syria, and they were able to rebuild themselves and take advantage of this mess”


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