The United States opens the doors to a UN inquisition in favor of abortion and other progressive issues

The secretary of state sent an open invitation to UN human rights experts to investigate the United States’ human rights record. August 17, 2021 20:21

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By: Stefano Gennarini

( C-FAM  – ZENIT News Agency / Washington, DC, August 17, 2021) .- The Biden administration’s decision to invite UN experts to investigate the United States’ human rights record is much more significant than that American critics of the move were willing to admit.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sent an open invitation to UN human rights experts to investigate the US human rights record  early last month , something no US administration earlier had done.

Judging from the weak and confused reactions to this announcement, it is clear that the US ruling class does not really understand the unique threat this poses to US sovereignty and self-government.

Critics have said the invitation  is ridiculous  because it would subject the United States to scrutiny by the Human Rights Council, which includes China, Russia, Iran and other human rights violators. However, America’s human rights record is already  subject to review  by the UN Human Rights Council.

Critics have also said the invitation is wrong because it undermines America’s status as the most  exceptional  of all the nations in the world. While this sentiment is completely honorable, it is also wrong. Even if the United States were not exceptional, the American people and their representatives should be furious with the Biden administration.

The real problem is this: the invitation will unleash a veritable international inquisition that will threaten the sovereignty and self-government of the American people. There will be an endless succession of visits from forty-four UN human rights experts carrying human rights portfolios ranging from health care to religious freedom to the removal of US sanctions on Cuba and the cancellation of sovereign debts. This UN inquisition will continue for years under the Biden administration.

Each UN expert will tour the country with all the pomp and honors of a foreign dignitary. They will be welcomed at elite universities and paraded at high society events. They will hold public and private consultations to hear all kinds of complaints against the United States. After a couple of weeks, the experts will publish their reports with a summary judgment on the state of racism, health (including reproductive health), religious freedom and other problems in the United States. The reports will have been largely prepared in advance, as usual. And they will discover that the United States is an exclusively racist and sexist country. They will blame American laws and policies that protect the religious freedom of churches for the oppression of women and sexual minorities.

The reports prepared by UN experts will be used by America’s enemies, both from within and without, to create instability and mistrust in American institutions and to further divide the country. Academics at American universities will incorporate these reports into their “awakening” canons. US government officials will cite them in their own work. Politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will use them as evidence why America needs a new foundation. At the UN, delegations hostile to the United States will wield them like clubs against American diplomats at every opportunity in negotiations and debates.

Skeptics of this process might notice several problems with the experts that populate the UN human rights system. They could see the poor quality of his work, as the United States Commission on Inalienable Rights did last year. You may want to point to the questionable credentials of experts, such as the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, an abortion doctor who promotes the legalization of prostitution. Additionally, invited UN experts include individuals whose mandates cover human rights issues that the United States has never legally recognized as binding.

Officials in the Biden administration know that the UN experts’ agenda goes far beyond the binding treaties the United States has ratified and the United States Constitution. The Biden administration offers to welcome each and every one of them to the country.