Posted on February 5, 2022



The press conference is dedicated to new facts of exposure of international corruption and external governance of Ukraine.

It was precisely because of the leaked information about today’s press conference that it was last week that I was announced to be sanctioned by politicians from the US Department of the Treasury on the filing of senators from the Democratic Party. They really did not want us to publish what we will publish today.

But we did not refuse the press conference: at stake is the state independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, and most importantly, the possibility, on the basis of documents, facts, material evidence and now the testimony of witnesses, to return billions of funds to Ukrainian citizens.

I will definitely comment on the issue of sanctions today. But now I would like to point out the following.

Democrats are really very afraid. Because every word that will be voiced by us today is supported by documents, figures and shocking records.

With each new fact, new record, new posting of accounts, we are convinced that external management and international corruption are Siamese twins with many high-ranking officials, oligarchs, schemers and many other characters stealing from the Ukrainian people.


  1. Evidence of the withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and car washes in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the Biden family company.
  2. New recordings of conversations between the fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and former US Vice President Joe Biden, indicating the external management of Ukraine.
  3. We also expose colossal corruption equipment for the purchase of coal and gas, because of which Ukrainians pay a third of the inflated utility tariffs. At that time, the highest officials of Ukraine and the United States participated in these equipments.
  4. We will also make public the facts of the disbursement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of material and technical assistance sent to Ukraine by the US government, as well as evidence of the collapse of the structure of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and now the Office of the Prosecutor General.

I repeat once again:

Every word that we will speak today is supported by documents, figures and records that were given to us by investigative journalists, as well as people who have information about corruption schemes and witnesses who were directly involved in a number of processes that we will talk about today.

We transfer all the facts of international corruption and external control of Ukraine at our disposal to law enforcement agencies.

Today we present to your attention only a part of the testimonies. I want to assure you that we have other witnesses confirming the facts of international corruption, including citizens of other states.

SO. The first part of our press conference:

Evidence of the withdrawal through the financial “pits” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people with their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company of the Joe Biden family.

At one of the first press conferences about a year ago, we showed hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank transactions to the family of former US Vice President Joe Biden, namely, to his son Robert Hunter Biden, who was a director of the scandalous gas company Burisma.

Burisma is owned by the fugitive Yanukovych-era minister Nikolai Zlochevsky.

The presence of Biden in the leadership of Burisma and the payment for his services is nothing more than a political roof that protected Zlochevsky from Ukrainian law, namely from the criminal code.

After a series of press conferences to our group of investigators, namely to the senior group of prosecutors of the GPU for investigating the economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime in 2016-2019, Konstantin Kulik.

Konstantin Kulik was approached by two foreign citizens who were directly involved in the laundering of millions of dollars stolen from Ukrainians by Zlochevsky, with the subsequent withdrawal of these millions to the accounts of the Biden firm.

Since these foreign citizens are in the process of obtaining the official status of “corruption whistleblower” provided by Ukraine, for the sake of their personal safety and also based on the secrecy of the investigation, we will call them Witness one and Witness two.

Konstantin Kulik, senior prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office for the Investigation of Economic Crimes of the Yanukovych Regime in 2016-2019, will tell you more about this.

Konstantin Gennadievich, you have the floor.

Direct speech by Konstantin Kulik

In the video that we are about to publish, the Witnesses confirm and describe in detail the corruption scheme for laundering millions of dollars stolen from Ukrainians by Zlochevsky, with the subsequent withdrawal of these millions to the accounts of the Biden firm.

In addition to the video, we will make public the statement of one of the Witnesses to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, which sets out these facts.

We suggest watching the video.

One quote from a statement by one of the Witnesses:

“All the financial transactions described were fictitious and big money was paid in Ukraine so that the state authorities turned a blind eye to this.”

Information about the ownership of this or that amount of money by a particular businessman who ordered such a legalization service, including Nikolai Zlochevsky, is on a laptop that the witness passes to law enforcement officers.

What funds did the participants in the schemes receive?

Between November 2014 and October 2015, the Witnesses noticed strange repetitive payments being sent from the account of BURISMA HOLDINGS LTD in the Latvian bank AS PrivatBank to the account of the American company ” ROSEMONT SENECA BONAI LLC.

Witnesses drew attention to these payments, since the same non-circular amount of $83,333 was repeated about 20 times as payment for consulting services.

Witnesses took it as a general payment, divided into unequal parts.

So, in the period from November 2014 to October 2015, money stolen from Ukrainians was transferred, which was on the account of the company “BURISMA HOLDINGS LTD” in the Latvian AS “PrivatBank” to the account of the company “ROSEMONT SENECA BONAI LLC” in the bank “MORGAN STANLEY”, mainly by payments $83,333 each for a total of $3.4 million in advisory fees.

This company, according to the extract handed over to us by witnesses, is closely connected with Biden.

In addition, in the period from December 2014 to August 2015, 242,885 Euros were transferred to the account of Alan Apter, a member of the board of Burisma, in CITIBANK NA for consulting services.

And in the period from December 2014 to August 2015, 1,000,000 Euros were transferred to the account of Burisma board member Alexander Kwasniewski at RKO BANK POLSKI SA for consulting services.


This is payment only for the political roof that Biden provided to Zlochevsky.

This is only part of the payments for a short period of time, provided documented and only to these witnesses. I want to note that all of these are also confirmed by the reports of the Financial Monitoring of Latvia, Cyprus and Ukraine, which were at the disposal of the investigation and posted on the Nabu Leaks website.

How long were these payments?

And how much was paid to the security forces, tax authorities, lobbyists, and how much was stolen in total – I think the amount is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

What do we end up with? The Biden family provided political protection to Zlochevsky from the money he stole from Ukrainians for at least $4.3 million.

This is how the scheme of stealing money and withdrawing it from money offshore to Biden’s companies looked like

It is strange that these facts are available to the US Department of the Treasury – OFAC, but they do not make a decision on the transfer of data for further investigation by the authorized bodies.

Direct speech by Andrey Derkach

By the way, if Burisma again wants to whitewash Biden in court, I want to notify that I already won one court case regarding payments from Burisma to Biden last week.

By the way, Burisma’s lawyers, trying to whitewash Biden, did not dispute the very fact of payments. They were embarrassed only by the specified amounts of payments to Biden.

This fact was noted in the court decision.

How else did Zlochevsky steal, according to investigative journalists, we will tell in the next part of our press conference.

In the meantime, I suggest that journalists familiarize themselves with Zlochevsky’s corruption wires, and everyone who wants to trample on corruption schemes.

Now we will publish new recordings of conversations between Poroshenko and Biden.

I’ll note right away that Joe Biden faced the threat of losing a stable income from Zlochevsky, and in fact, from Ukrainian citizens, when the Prosecutor General’s Office, headed by Viktor Shokin, began criminal proceedings on Burisma and theft of Ukrainians’ money.

Biden got so close that he promised Poroshenko 1 billion loan guarantees in order to save the monthly fee from Zlochevsky.


Biden, for his own profit, disposed of someone else’s 1 billion, which Poroshenko gladly accepted, having mastered it at his enterprises. And in return he fired Shokin.

The second threat to Biden came after the US presidential election and his departure from the vice presidency.

They called Poroshenko regularly after the 2016 presidential elections.

It was important for Biden to make sure that nothing had changed in relations, and for Poroshenko, it was important to report on Ukraine’s foreign policy and relations with the new US President Donald Trump.

Let’s listen.

As Peter Alekseevich said there – “Sell” to the Ukrainian people on the anniversary of the revolution …

Cynical texts, cynical people. He sold hope, he robbed everything else.

As we can see, Biden assures Poroshenko that no one is leaving.

On the contrary, Biden assured Poroshenko that he was influencing President Trump’s transitional administration.

We would not care if it did not concern the creation and protection of corruption schemes, instead of the fight against corruption.

Another entry worthy of attention is Poroshenko and Biden’s discussion of newly elected US President Donald Trump. Let’s listen.

Indeed, calling the president of your country “a DOG running after a car” and giggling at the second is a sign of real statesmen and a high culture of statehood

After making sure that everything is in order, Biden and Poroshenko confess their mental love to each other, assign titles to each other and admire each other.

Let’s listen.

Think about it, the whole world is talking about Poroshenko’s corruption. The country 73% votes against Poroshenko’s corruption. Zelensky at the stadium shouts about the verdict, and the former US vice president licks the Maldivian patriot, calls him the father of the nation and offers to write poems about him.

Indeed, one can write poems about Petr Alekseevich and Biden. The only clarification, we hope these poems will be published in the materials of criminal proceedings.

Now we will tell you exactly how Zlochevsky, together with Poroshenko, according to investigative journalists, stole money from Ukrainians, inflating tariffs and stealing through spacers.

The next topic of the press conference is devoted to how Ukrainians are robbed of tariffs and how tariffs can be reduced.


My fellow citizens will not be mistaken if they say that the authorities and corrupt officials in it earn money from every family.

The interest of an oligarch, an official or a “schemer” sticks to each payment.

These schemes are so profitable that the hetman himself, Piotr Alekseevich, was fed from them.

He has a rare innate property: the ability to earn three times from one corrupt operation.

Let’s remember how a man with a voice similar to Poroshenko’s voice happily reported to his senior comrade, former US Vice President Joe Biden, that he raised tariffs not by 75% as Biden asked, but by as much as 100%.

For this, Petr Alekseevich received one billion dollars, which he successfully mastered at his enterprises in Ukroboronprom, giving orders there.

Recently, another scheme has been opened for enrichment at tariffs, but in fact, on the citizens of Ukraine. The scheme, according to investigative journalists, is supervised by Poroshenko’s people.

How did we become aware of the facts of the robbery of Ukrainians?

Recently, Anatoly Shkriblyak, the ex-head of the security division of the “energy business” of one figure, approached our group of investigators.

Shkriblyak is known for his ties with Poroshenko, Kononenko and Zlochevsky, his group of companies “Technova” – these are thermal power plants rented from urban communities in Chernihiv, Sumy, Cherkasy, as well as Darnitskaya thermal power plant, in the city of Kiev. As well as offshore schemes to pump money from citizens through tariffs.

The name of the man who worked for Shkriblyak and gave us very convincing evidence of the robbery of people is Vitaly Mikhailyuk, a former SBU officer.

He worked for Shkriblyak at Technov from 2008 to 2017. For almost 10 years, he had access to “schemes” to rob the population.

And now we will publish them.

So, how the corruption interest was put into the payments and how Poroshenko and the company earned on the Ukrainians.


As you know, the head of the NKRE structure, which is responsible for the figures in people’s payrolls, was a young and successful, arrogant former vice-president of ICU, a representative of the Roshen company in the Russian Federation – the actual head of the Lipetsk factory Dmitry Vovk.

Petr Alekseevich himself, by his Presidential Decree, appointed him to the post of head of the NKRE.

Vovk’s task was to “drive” the energy market players into the stall of Peter Alekseevich. And also to create fashionable-sounding and difficult to understand corruption formulas and schemes like Rotterdam +

At the beginning of 2017, the NERC, headed by Dmitry Vovk, carried out appropriate checks on the correctness of the calculation and use of tariffs for heat and electricity, as a result of which, based on the results of activities for 2015-2018. UAH 232.5 million was withdrawn from the tariffs of the above enterprises, and UAH 516 million, excluding VAT, was also planned to be withdrawn.

It was difficult to hide such sums from the eyes of law enforcement officers.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2017, agreements were reached between Shkriblyak and Poroshenko’s close friend and business partner Igor Kononenko in the Fifth Element. What was reported by the program “Schemes” of Radio Liberty.

What was agreed.

  1. Shkriblyak continues to be the legal beneficiary of the activities of energy enterprises, but at the same time, persons from the business environment of Igor Kononenko are appointed to key positions in the management company and at these CHPPs.

For this, Shkriblyak receives guarantees for the continuation of his activities.

  1. Closing all issues with the security forces became the personal responsibility of Shkriblyak. And it was calculated from its own resources.

During March-May 2017, Shkriblyak transferred funds in the amount of 10 million US dollars in cash in several installments to close issues with the law. This information was provided to us by the head of security at Technova, Vitaly Mikhailyuk.

Subsequently, the so-called “escort” of the illegal activities of the said “energy group” was carried out through individual leaders: the GPU, the SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The monthly “subscription” for each law enforcement agency ranged from $100,000 to $150,000.

Thus, a conceptual agreement was adopted between Shkriblyak and Kononenko on the distribution of profits from Shkriblyak’s energy business.

In this distribution, the actual property remained with Shkriblyak, and Kononenko’s people are in charge of operational management.

These are Sergey Mishchenko (the man of Zakharchenko, the ex-minister of the Yanukovych era) and Elena Mazurova (from the orbit of Nikolai Zlochevsky and the Burisma company).

It was Mazurova who, a month ago, having “taken out” working capital from the Technova group of companies, and in fact the money of our citizens stolen from the Sumy, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Darnytsia thermal power plants, carried them to NABU and SAP to make a valuable gift for Nikolai’s birthday Zlochevsky – the closure of the criminal case against him.

This is the same high-profile bribe of $ 6 million, on which Mazurova was taken with her accomplice Andrei Kicha, the chief lawyer of Burisma. Everything I am talking about is in the materials of the investigation.

Let me remind you that this is exactly the Burisma case that at first the ex-Procurator General Ruslan Ryaboshapka did not see in the ERDR, and then randomly found and studied it and determined it to be unpromising …

… Apparently, there was still something to take a bribe for …

By the way, the bribe initially, according to the documents in the Prosecutor General’s Office, was not 6, but 50 million dollars.

Kononenko’s people – Mazurova and Mishchenko – are well-known ex-employees of the state fiscal service.

They had tremendous experience and were among the best “cashers” both in the country and abroad.

Putting them to accompany the scheme is not easy.

It was Mazurova, according to Vitaly Mikhailyuk, who provided Kononenko with an imperceptible scheme for obtaining excess profits, and even in cash.

What was the basis for such super-profitability of enterprises?

Everyone remembers the Rotterdam +, South African coal or Pennsylvania coal supply schemes.

All these schemes are nothing more than an advertising campaign to inflate coal prices, and subsequently the basis for raising tariffs for Ukrainians.

But the essence of the scheme is somewhat different. Coal was supplied from ORDLO through Russian lining companies. Not from Rotterdam, not from the USA. And from ORDLO!

The funds were withdrawn to offshore companies in Poland, Britain, the Baltic States and Cyprus.

Poroshenko and the company once again sold and fed energy independence to Ukrainian citizens and the patriotic public, wrapping Rotterdam + and Pennsylvania coal in a wrapper.

But how did everything really happen?


How the scheme worked:

According to the customs cargo declarations (CCD), the “sender/exporter” was a firm from the Russian Federation.

The “recipient” was a CHP plant in Ukraine.

But “the person responsible for the financial settlement” was the firms-laying companies in Ukraine or a non-resident. It was these firms that ensured the overpriced coal, which was added to the tariff approved by the NERC for the CHPP.

Also, these companies-layers served as a tool for settling the “margin” and further imperceptible for Ukrainian law enforcement officers and fiscal officials unimpeded transfer of funds to the accounts of the participants in the “scheme”.

According to the available data, the so-called “margin” averages about 18-25 dollars per ton of coal, with the volume of delivery to the above-mentioned thermal power plants in the amount of 1 million 400 thousand tons per year.

Thus, the “shadow yield” from the above schemes was about 30 million dollars a year.

In turn, the overestimation of the cost of coal for CHPPs made it possible to increase the consumer tariff for the population for the final products of the same CHPPs – heat and electricity.

And this money is paid by ordinary Ukrainians.

And here it is, earnings: at the INPUT – from coal!

At the OUTPUT – from the tariff.

All these facts are stated in the statement of Vitaly Mikhailyuk, who worked for Shkriblyak. He sent this statement back in May 2020 to the Office of the Prosecutor General, as a result of which criminal cases No. 42020000000000984 and No. 42020000000000985 were registered under Part 2 of Article 209 and Part 5 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

This is a chart for coal.

Now we will tell you how they steal from the population on gas.

As you know, in addition to coal, CHPPs also use gas in their activities. Here Pyotr Alekseevich also showed not anyhow ingenuity (applause standing). Everyone remembers the sensational information in the media by TSN journalists about the Vienna meeting between Kononenko and Zlochevsky in early 2017.

Everyone thought and wondered about the purpose of the meeting … and the purpose was simple. Get cheap compared to “NAFTOGAZ” gas from Zlochevsky’s Burisma or take it for nothing, like a bribe.

Let me remind you that Burisma is such a powerful company that its management included the son of ex-Vice President Biden Hunter Biden, and the Biden family received millions for incomprehensible services.

In reality – for the political roof.

From the NKREKP Inspection Act No. 340 dated September 30, 2019, it follows that in 2017 Tekhnova began to purchase gas, in addition to Naftogaz of Ukraine, also from Esco-Pivnich LLC (which is part of the Burizma Holding group of companies).

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have a full amount of evidentiary documents relating to the activities of the Technova group of companies, including copies of black bookkeeping, waybills and so on.

We work in the deputy association “Tariffs minus 25% STOP of corruption.” We continue to collect facts, documents and information.

We also appeal to the mayors and deputies of Sumy, Cherkassy, ​​Chernihiv and Kiev with a proposal to immediately return to communal ownership the CHP plants mired in corruption, which are leased for next to nothing, and to put things in order in tariffs, reducing them by 25% already before the start of the heating season.

The numbers in people’s bills should be reduced! Robbery of the people of Ukraine is not permissible either for the gray-haired hetmans or their overseas masters.

As you can see, in exchange for allowing our natives to steal from their own people, the American democrats demanded full control in various areas: public administration, state-owned companies, banking, and many others.

The only obstacle here was the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, democratic corrupt officials began to produce their own structures like NABU or tried to establish control over other law enforcement agencies.

How this happened, we will tell in the next part of our press conference. I give the floor to Konstantin Kulik.

Direct speech by Konstantin Kulik

The next part of our press conference concerns the external administration of the state of Ukraine.

The so-called “reform” of the optimization of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the re-certification of its employees was imposed, which they began to actively implement under Ruslan Ryaboshapka.

The main task of the reform is full control over the prosecutor’s office and the loyalty of its employees.

The secondary task – as always – is to master the money of either Ukrainian or American citizens.

In the case of the Prosecutor General’s Office, funds of international technical assistance from the United States of America were mastered and laundered.

This is how the scheme for the destruction of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office by democrats looked like.


According to the procurement plan , a little more than 7 million 380 thousand US dollars were allocated for the reform of the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, in particular, for the project “Support for the reform of criminal justice in Ukraine” .

Of these, the “reformers” spent 744 thousand US dollars on hotels, receptions, posting ads “looking for new prosecutors” and other things vital for the reform. We have already told you about this at one of the previous press conferences, we will not repeat ourselves.

We fixed for ourselves that almost a million out of more than seven reformers, I won’t say they stole it, I’ll say they mastered it.


The first is Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaly Kasko. Before that, he had already reformed himself normally in terms of appropriation of official housing and passed under the article fraud.

The second reformer is Polina Chyzh, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the GPU, who was imported from NABU. We all remember how Polina, being an employee of NABU, “leaked” to foreign intelligence agencies information that constitutes the secret of the pre-trial investigation, as well as personal data of the heads of the GPU and people’s deputies.

So, the would-be scammer and spy figure out how to make use of the millions of dollars that were sent to the Ukrainians.  

They decide that the International Organization for the Development of Law in Ukraine (IDLO), headed by Levan Duchidze, will be the executor of the recertification program.

The organization is fabulous. Registered in Rome, a branch in The Hague, and scandals around the world.

In each case, IDLO had three key complaints:

  1. Inefficient use of funds;
  2. The absence of real work results, but only a “beautiful picture” for presentation;
  3. Engagement.

A striking example of such a scandal was the case of Afghanistan, which ended with a final negative conclusion regarding the IDLO project. This is an investigation regarding the JTTP project in Afghanistan. Thus, at the request of US Senator Claire McCaskill, the US government’s Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) launched an investigation into the allocation of $47.8 million by the US State Department for JTTP.

As you can see on the screen, in 2013 the office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction sent a scathing letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the JTTP project. The Inspector’s Office found numerous IDLO violations.

And this structure was chosen as the executor of the programs for the “reform” of the prosecutor’s office in Ukraine.

The key task is to test the GPU so that only the people they need remain in the leadership.

The savagery of our reformers’ approach, apparently, frightened even the IDLO itself, which successfully passed the development of funds in Afghanistan.

Therefore, IDLO, being hired for a contract of reform, PERSONALLY DIDN’T ENGAGE IN REFORM.

And subcontracted.

For the money of international technical assistance to Ukraine, IDLO entered into an agreement with Cymetrics-Ukraine LLC.

The subject of the agreement was anonymous testing of prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Like an aptitude test.

Logically, such an exam should have been entrusted only to an authoritative certified scientific structure with extensive experience.

Because the quality of the staff of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the country’s main law enforcement agency, will depend on it.

Cymetrics-Ukraine, of course, was not like that. Established in 2018, without the experience of such activities, the company was chosen for one contract – to destroy the staff of the GPU.

As soon as the tests were carried out, the Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka destroyed all the documentation (I will tell you more about this a little later), and the company changed its owner with the main activity: “Retail trade outside of stores.” Trade in tents and in the market.


There is every reason to consider Cymetrics-Ukraine LLC as a firm created for a single task, which in practice was used as a tool for withdrawing US material and technical assistance.

In October 2019, Cymetrics-Ukraine LLC did not have official labor relations with psychologists. That is, the enterprise could not provide a certificate of the availability of specialists of appropriate qualifications with sufficient knowledge and experience to test prosecutors. However, IDLO chooses this particular company to test prosecutors.

In turn, Cymetrix-Ukraine LLC begins to urgently formalize labor relations with individuals. Many of them are under 20 years old.

That is, according to the papers, the testing of the Prosecutor General’s Office was carried out by a group of students.

At the same time, the wage fund for labor relations amounted to hundreds of thousands, and Cymetrix did not develop the test itself for the recertification of prosecutors. Bought it.


Sergey Valeryanovich Shmalenya, a member of the competition committee for the selection of candidates for positions in SAP, immediately after the start of testing in October 2019, organized the purchase of an on-line Cymetrics test from the consulting company META consulting.

Thus, the “necessary” people passed the tests. All those who were not included in the cohort of those loyal to Western partners, as well as those who were not included in the schemes, went to the test according to the general principle.

And of course, the test was not passed, because it is designed in such a way that it is impossible for a person with healthy logic to pass.

Thus, the Prosecutor General’s Office was being destroyed from the outside.

I give the floor to Andrey Derkach.

Direct speech by Andrey Derkach

Everything that my colleague said has long ceased to seem like a “conspiracy theory”.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the other day a letter from the Director of the Department of Law Enforcement Affairs of the US Embassy Stephanie Holmes to Attorney General Irina Venediktova, in which she provides a list of “independent experts in quotation marks” who will be included in the personnel commissions for the selection of Ukrainian prosecutors, as well as recalls the instructions of the US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine, Christina Quinn, to unquestioningly comply with the scenario of the so-called reform of the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine prescribed overseas.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that we are investigating the use of funds allocated for the reform of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies in the form of ICC, as well as attempts to block such investigations, as well as attempts to externally manage the law enforcement system in at least 7 areas.

By the way, about Christina Quinn.

At my request to law enforcement agencies in April 2020, criminal proceedings No. 12020800000000444 were registered on the fact of the theft of international technical assistance funds by officials of the IDLO representative office in Ukraine and Cymetrics-Ukraine LLC during the reform of the prosecution authorities of Ukraine.

To date, according to investigative journalists, thanks to the pressure of US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine Christina Quinn on the leadership of the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in August 2020, in violation of the criminal procedural law, proceedings No. 12020800000000444 were closed, even without questioning me as an applicant.

On this occasion, I applied to the Office of the Prosecutor General with a statement about the commission of a criminal offense under Art. 343 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (interference in the activities of a law enforcement officer), requiring the registration of criminal proceedings in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

According to the lawyer, there is already a court decision obliging the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to enter statements into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations and start proceedings.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such a situation with pressure on Ukrainian law enforcement agencies by the US Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine has arisen!

Thus, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin registered criminal proceedings on the facts of embezzlement of international technical assistance funds allocated for this program.

But the US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine, George Kent, stopped the investigation.

As you can see on the screen, this is evidenced by an official letter from George Kent, who actually interfered with the legitimate activities of law enforcement agencies to investigate the theft of American taxpayers’ money.

Quote “We are fully satisfied that this aid was used solely for the purposes indicated and, as stated above, we see no reason in our opinion as a donor to assist in the investigation of its use.

An investigation into the actions of the Anti-Corruption Action Center in relation to the assistance they received from us is also inappropriate.” End of quote. That is, Kent is also protecting Shabunin.

In fact, with this letter, George Kent is covering up a scheme for embezzling American taxpayers’ funds and illegally interfering in the activities of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

And given that George Kent is now an employee of the US State Department, and the IDLO organization still performs the function of disbursing American funds, there is reason to believe that George Kent actively promotes illegal activities to continue the misuse and laundering of funds through the IDLO organization and Cymetrics – Ukraine”.

The above letter was signed and sent to the GPU by George Kent exactly the day after the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin.

However, the development of material and technical assistance is only the tip of the iceberg, which is hidden in this particular case.

Even Ryaboshapka understood that everything was so stupid, illiterate and ugly that they would begin to catch up with him according to the law.

Therefore, when it became known that the Rada had the required number of votes for Ryaboshapka’s resignation, he destroyed all the testing documentation.

On February 7, 2020, on behalf of the Office of the Prosecutor General, 449 kg of attestation materials for prosecutors and investigators of the Prosecutor General’s Office were destroyed.

The slide shows how they covered up the traces of the development of the ICC from the United States.

What are the implications of this story?

First, external management completely destroys the law enforcement system of Ukraine.

The second is that some of the experienced and qualified specialists who worked for Ukraine, and not for overseas masters, were thrown out of the profession.

In this regard, we transfer the documents we have to law enforcement agencies, and we offer prosecutors who have been illegally dismissed to defend their right to serve the people of Ukraine in court using the materials we have.

The revealed facts of external administration of Ukraine, violations by certain officials of the US Embassy of the state sovereignty of Ukraine, the disclosure of the facts of the secret of the pre-trial investigation to the US Embassy and the management of the actions of an independent state law enforcement agency – NABU, systematic unlawful interference in the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor General by officials of the US Embassy …

All this is a violation of international laws and is accompanied by constant scandals.

Thus, taking into account the indicated facts, I inform you that today I am filing a claim with the court with a demand to recognize:

illegal inactivity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I demand to oblige the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make an official statement (note) on the inadmissibility of interference by certain persons of the US Embassy in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Direct speech by Konstantin Kulik

The second lawsuit we are filing concerns $13 billion stolen from Ukrainian citizens.

This lawsuit will include demands to oblige the state authorities of Ukraine to investigate the circumstances of the legalization of funds in the amount of 6 billion US dollars, which in the period 2013-2014 were illegally withdrawn from Ukraine to the American investment fund Franklin Templeton.

Direct speech by Andrey Derkach

Thus, we are preparing an appeal to the court with a claim: to recognize the inactivity of the NBU, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, NABU and ARMA as unlawful, inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, and also to take measures aimed at establishing the whereabouts of illegally withdrawn funds and returning them to the state budget of Ukraine . And this is at least 13 billion US dollars.

Now, as promised, about sanctions.

I want our citizens to understand correctly that by his actual decision to impose sanctions on me, US Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin. Literally stated the following:

“We demand to stop the investigation and public coverage of the facts of corruption and robbery of Ukrainian citizens, the facts of the withdrawal of stolen and laundered funds from the territory of Ukraine through different US jurisdictions, and we, represented by the US Treasury, are not going to return 13 billion stolen and funds to Ukraine.

Because these funds are at the disposal of the right companies that have reliable lobbyists covering up theft and corruption involving Ukrainian oligarchs and fugitives from OZU Yanukovych and OZU Poroshenko in the United States.”

Our simple answer to comrade Mnuchin is to return the money of Ukrainians to the budget of Ukraine! That’s 13 billion dollars!

And keep your sanctions. We do not need your loans and the landing of gluttonous advisers and grant-eaters.

The main issue for us is the return of the money of Ukrainian citizens, stolen and laundered with the help of international corruption and external management, to the economy and budget of Ukraine, as well as improving the quality of life of Ukrainian citizens. Share with social media

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