Italy’s defense minister accused the former Paris to liquidate Gaddafi

Posted on July 11, 2014


The Minister of Defense of Italy, former Anaazio La Russa, he was not aware of the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, but he said that France has launched a bombardment on specific targets, adding that Italy did not earn anything from the military intervention of NATO in Libya, and that Paris ignited the fuse of the crisis and prompted NATO to move, stressing that the elimination of Gaddafi was not a target hidden.
For the first time confirms the Western official high that France was targeting Gaddafi directly, he said in comments to the newspaper “Aljornala” daily, that the French were targeting injury Colonel specific manner, as the Israelis do, while fighters Italian did not fly to the bombing of homes or families or the sons of Gaddafi. The paper that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, currently under investigation because of suspicions about the financing of his campaign, including millions of euro that perhaps he had received from Tripoli, and Gaddafi, who was supposed to testify about the incident, was killed.
He said La Russa, who took over the Italian Ministry of Defense during the NATO bombing of Libya, saying: “It is true that Gaddafi was bombing civilians, but France did not wait for the green light from international organizations and acted on immediately, has been hampered by a diplomatic solution to the alternative.” Asked if it was true that France wanted to removed the company “Eni” Italian energy giant to put her hand on the energy resources of Libya, he replied, “the opinion of Berlusconi, the French were Hakadin, and Paris were aimed at destabilizing the new relations between Libya and Italy, which was able to reduce the flow of migrants to Italy, as well as to strengthen the special relationship in the cities energy. ”

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