The Muslim Brotherhood and the left, the Sudanese …. in the destruction of the nation;

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ntroduction: –

Represents the Muslim Brotherhood (Alaslamussayasan), in Sudan, the political class is organized enlightened and informed with what goes on in the Sudanese arena of the tricks of politics, and awareness may Tatr at an advanced stage in the early sixties, when the stand that it is not necessary to download their approach and Oadologithm which is to download Sharia Islamic reality of Sudan, it is imperative to control the country’s leadership, to secure the Islamic culture, and download the approach of the Islamic community and service, in government, has worked since then to recruit cadres qualified to do so, leaders Aslamussayash, and students Napehin, and the staff of the State, and to reach the state has fought for that very bitter conflicts with the tribe left the Sudanese combined, since the mid-sixties, has been involved in coups or have made, have tried to uphold their approach and Aidulogithm to be a platform for the rule, partnership, adoption, or during direct rule as in the rescue.

On the other hand, the secular each tribe in Sudan, they also represent a class organization and the yoke and conscientious teacher and familiar with worldly things more than others, and know exactly the role of politics and governance in the download Oadologitha, secular reality to Sudanese, known also aware of the role played by Ndha and opposite Brotherhood Muslims, has worked since the fifties almost to recruit cadres and political ideology, and student and state employees to gain access to the rule of the state has been tried and fought for that battles and bloody coups have to order it

Represent the political dialogue, to engage in dialogue bitter, armed and peaceful between the two parties in a way to reach the state, as of the October Revolution, where emerged Osnma iceberg Islamic and leftist, each offers the October Revolution to the Sudanese people by the color and the way the Aidulogith wants and wishes, and here appeared haggle political, that took the country for a period of Nimeiri that emerged where these haggle in several coups (ideology) bloody, unfortunate, showed quite the white thread from the black thread of the dawn, and the back sides as the strongest two interlocking politicians, Kddan litigants, is someone in his campaign, the other Kafra and a departure from the denomination, and brought to ideology, Marxism or Baathist, or revolutionary committees, or Arab nationalism, is unfit to rule Sudan, a Muslim, because of its atheism and exit of all denominations, and is considered the other two, backward and his Islamic curriculum is not fit to rule basically, nor should it come down ideas museum of his books yellow the fact is governed by the people.

Understanding in Mphasalthma tossing and excesses and Takiadan parallel will not meet never age, Oqlah on the ideological level and the way the rule of Sudan and modes of, as to what works Constitution and the law and approach to the Islamic way, does not fit, of course, the way other parallel, secularism that correspond to religion and religiosity and resorting to two Constitution and the law and approach.

Regional failure in judgment Sudan: –

Now delegation differentiated rows and appeared full Mountains Regional deep and we got what we got to him, regardless of who Alnzbb, has been explained to discord in full after the rule of rescue, which is calculated on this group, I think we have failed (scattered, each party what they have happily) in the rule of Sudan , have we got the result inevitable prophecy last Governor-General of the Sudan when commenting on Amaknyatna in governing the country, when asked by one of the depositors at the flag-raising and handed over to his knowledge, was asked whether can we judge our country now; replied: Yes: Now you can be the judge sports club great.

I certainly to the reasons for our failure in the judging of the country to the following: –

Failed centrist parties that claimed civilian rule, national, generally in the rule of Sudan, for many reasons, in the days of the experience of technocrats, represented in the government after the exploitation, the Government of Azhari, and after the government of the Mahdi first and second, and the causes, try to apply the experience of civil argument, the same ideology moderate, mild Mild Ideology, and pivot on the historical legacies of national access to rule the country in a manner ownership coated, and the reasons for the political awareness of the extremes, the Muslim Brotherhood and the secular with awareness and a sense of political high, and who is not what please this moderation which does not accept any of them, which led to the start of coups those governments moderation, left and right, to be relegated this property moderation coated and pardoned by time and peoples Aavc this kind of judgment.

The failure of secular install state in Sudan, the reasons are many, including the strength of an opponent internal goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, and not to accept the grassroots of centrist parties and sectarian Sudanese, and the nature of the people of Sudan’s Islamic Swadh greatest, then the breakup of the communist system, and the secular State, and devoid certain secular The left tributary of the ideological and political programs and curriculum, but the uprooting of the ruling and opposition by all means even if it is at the expense of the nation and its loss.

And the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood, to install the rule now, have reached the country to the degree of fragmentation, and sharing and infighting and loss of identity, loss of credibility and the lack of success, in the application of the Islamic approach, or the development of the country developmentally despite attempts big here and there, which unfortunately ravaged by the winds of corruption, internal and external interrupts, The reaction (licorice) and internal war led by the left and the secular, is wrapped to understand, so I stayed home and lost his shadow, there is no Islam dish, and bake kept nor relations Remember, no security set up, and for several reasons, including the strength of an opponent internal and external, including the lack of familiarity with the full circles of government and the state and its foreign relations, including corruption, which finally appeared as a result of the lack of accounting and references, and as a result turn a blind eye, for kin and the people using the curriculum

Muslim Brotherhood and the secular tribe left in the destruction of the home, whether: –

– Are both in the peerage, and antibody and parallelism, intellectual and methodological and political dynamic, against each other.
– And whether the exclusion and denial of the other, peer, and lack of acceptance, when it arrived, one of the rule, the work of the exiled author.
– And both know each other, and the details of a few minutes and thought Aidulogith but his intentions and objectives.
– And whether the delivery of the country to fight over and fragmentation, a platform of the ruling government and its army, security, and piety Alaslamussayas abroad, and Btgyishh each other like it in the opinion internally and externally to the degree to take up arms against its opposite, piety and abroad.
– Both in hyperbole and exaggeration and self opinion about the other peer.
– Whether clinging to judgment when it reached even at the expense of the nation and citizens, even if it led to what has led us now, and even if this led to the intake ideology, thought and method of governance.
– Whether in the political selfishness and self-love
– Whether the destruction of the homeland and the citizen, no matter proved one over the other and no matter how prominent and emerged in his criticism, each one worse than the other in this area, though he claimed all of them because of the fittest or the closest to God us, or closest to the Salah world to us, namely, whether, what do I Judging by the strength of the poor, which is the same as the other will do that enabled him to God in the necks of the people.

And lost home!!!.

We need for the Government of the University, is pleased with where each party of the other, and benefit from it and tender in this world and the afterlife, and waives each party what is believed to Oadologith is just right and the other wrong, and yes Islam fittest for the Amur We chose that accompanies things our mundane, secular and suitable for our world which, if repaired and reconciliation dealings where peace and religion, they are suitable for We chose also the debt treatment, and debt advice and debt reform if the subjects in their living and their Hereafter, which is not a monopoly and belong to one, and to give up all of the thought that he and the legacy of King’s historic about illusion and the illusion, even sees the right to grandfather any individual Sudanese was recruited to the homeland and recruited to God under one banner, necessitated much to be driving his grandfather, or what fancy that the heir sole legitimate, and give up others to pivot on sectarian religious, social, considering awareness of the incident to the Sudanese people now, and given that sectarianism has pardoned Here decade, but waives technocrats what they consider they are the rich knowledge and opinion makers, science and know-how, but Ittensloa level home wheelchair-bound, and participate people rule and with stocks and Alalamanm not cling Bhsounam ivory gilt, this is the people the people that Qatar them sweat and tender until they reach what they have achieved. The nation needs for all.

The God of the intent behind

High-Bashir intercessor
Pretoria – South Africa
Ramadan / 1435 AH
Corresponding to 13 – 7-2014

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