Syria intervention: United States and British in reverse gear

Posted on August 29, 2013


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According to the assessment of intelligence, it is not sure that actually puts the Syrian regime behind the poison gas attack. London for a punitive military action against massive opposition in the UN is “unthinkable”.
After days of verbal escalation in the Syrian crisis, with a seemingly imminent military intervention by the West, the great Back-pedaling on Thursday was announced: British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a House of Commons debate, it was not secured beyond doubt that indeed the Assad regime is behind the mysterious poison gas attack last Wednesday. In this attack, according to different data up to 1300 people had died. Cameron also suggested a punitive military action in Syria against massive opposition in the UN Security Council was “unthinkable”. Shortly before, the British government had published an assessment of their intelligence. It clearly states that it is an attack with chemical weapons, but made no 100 percent attribution. This is remarkable, as in recent days, the main British and U.S. American policymakers treated the authorship of the Assad regime as fact all the way up to U.S. President Barack Obama in their statments.

Motive for use of poison gas complete mystery
“The opposition is not able to carry out an attack with chemical weapons on this scale,” reads the report. The regime has chemical weapons used on a smaller scale already at least 14 other previous occasions, and there was intelligence findings that this time next laid a debt of the regime, “These factors make it likely that the regime is responsible.”

The report acknowledges, however, that the analysts to use the motivation of the Assad regime at this time, so during the presence of UN inspectors, poison gas, is a complete mystery.
A few hours later, the AP news agency quoted a U.S. intelligence Paper: So you hold there a connection to the Syrian government to the poison gas attack not proven: The U.S. intelligence keep the authorship not yet proven. There were significant gaps in the Government’s argument, according to a paper. Intercepted phone calls would bring about only low-ranking soldiers with the poison gas attack in conjunction, it said, according to inside sources
Obama: Decision not yet been

During the night, U.S. President Barack Obama had personally made the Assad regime responsible for the use of chemical weapons, but at the same time stressed that a decision on a punitive military action had not yet fallen, that rose again on the brakes at the same time.

Finally, France, which had initially also called for a rapid international response rowed back: President Francois Hollande said on Thursday that the best thing would be a political solution.

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