Explosion at the U.S. naval arsenal

Posted on August 28, 2013


Wednesday, 21/08/2013 08:58 GMT +7

Explosion at the U.S. naval arsenal
Video scene of the explosion:

8 people were injured, including one seriously injured after an explosion occurred at the naval weapons station U.S. yesterday.
CNN led the press release of the U.S. Navy, said the explosion occurred at the boat Earle naval weapons station in New Jersey, at around 9 am (local time), when the maintenance workers are a ship.

Fire trucks, ambulances and medical helicopters were mobilized to the scene. Both 8 injured were transferred to hospitals. Most victims of smoke inhalation. By yesterday afternoon, one of eight people have been discharged.

Detailed information about the explosion and the cause of the incident are not yet known. The name of the worker has not been announced.

“The situation has stabilized. They’re investigating the incident,” said spokesman Mike Brady.

According to Mike, the explosion caused damage only in the boat. The weapons, ammunition in what Earle was not affected.

Weapons Station Earle, located south of the city of Middletown, New Jersey, is the supply of weapons to the carrier fleet Atlantic and the other group of the U.S. Navy. The weapon station has about 1,500 personnel.

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