What is Carvativir, the “miracle drops” recommended by Nicolás Maduro against the coronavirus

Posted on January 30, 2021


Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, 125,000 coronavirus cases and 1,159 deaths have been registered in Venezuela, according to official data. In the last hours, President Nicolás Maduro has claimed to have found the definitive cure against Covid-19 . As explained by Carvativir, which he describes as “miraculous droplets”, it is capable of neutralizing the virus 100%.

“A remedy that has no side effects and has been shown to be highly effective”

Mass production will begin in the country so that it will soon be available in all health centers in the South American country. In addition, Nicolás Maduro wants to distribute Carvativir to the countries that make up the ALBA-TCP block : Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Haiti, among others.

The president of Venezuela explains that it is used in the following way: 10 drops are put under the tongue every four hours , and what it does is neutralize the Covid-19. The “miraculous drops” are from José Gregorio Hernández, a Venezuelan doctor well known for dedicating himself to serving those most in need.

«Carvativir, the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández, neutralize the symptoms of the Coronavirus. From Venezuela to the world! Mass production begins this week, so that the entire National Public Health System has this powerful antiviral. ” This has been the message of the president of Venezuela on Twitter.

What is Carvativir?

Nicolás Maduro’s Carvativir, also known as Cimofenol, is a substance that is found in different essential oils, such as thyme or oregano. It has an orange color and is often used as a flavoring agent in cosmetics and food . It is a compound widely used in homeopathy, but it has no scientific basis. It is also used in aromatic therapies to balance energies and improve well-being.

A School of Chemical Engineering at Yeungnam University , in South Korea, indicates that it can have antibacterial effects and help in the healing process of urinary tract infections. However, to date there is no evidence that Carvativir is effective against coronavirus. What’s more, its main field of application is the kitchen because it helps in the preservation of food .

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