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Posted on January 2, 2021


“ACAB” — which stands for “All cops are bastards”

Protesters vandalize St. Patrick’s Cathedral early New Year’s Day

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About 150 protesters blocked traffic in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral early on New Year’s Day — and someone marred the facade of the church with graffiti during the demonstration, according to cops. 

Police responded to a disorderly group of protesters at 51st Street and Fifth Avenue around 1:30 a.m., cops said. 

Video posted to Twitter by freelance reporter Oliya Scootercaster shows the group standing in front of police cars — which had their lights and sirens on — blocking their way. Some protesters pounded on the hoods of the cruisers. 

Protesters confront NYPD by stopping them and banging on the hood of the cars in Manhattan outside St Patrick’s Cathedral

Video by @ScooterCasterNY (FNTV for— @SCOOTERCASTER (FNTV) (@ScooterCasterNY) January 1, 2021

The protesters, affiliated with Black Lives Matter Brooklyn and Justice for George, started marching at the Stonewall Inn and had stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, police sources said. 

While inspecting the scene, cops found the letters “ACAB” — which stands for “All cops are bastards” — newly graffitied in pink, about 2 feet by 4 feet, on the facade of the cathedral, police said. 

The crowd ultimately dispersed and no one was arrested on scene, authorities said. 

Death or Reincarnation? The Story of ACORN


Code pink

Promotes the Move Over AIPAC campaign, which seeks to “oppose to US military aid to Israel” and push for a “human rights agenda, which will require the intensification of direct action strategies being pushed by the growing BDS movement and professional lobbying efforts.”

  • Filed a complaint with the Congressional Ethics Committee in August 2011 “in response to a right-wing junket in which 81 Congress people visited Israel with an AIPAC affiliate.” Co-founder Medea Benjamin, who filed the complaint, alleged that “AIPAC puts the interests of Israel before U.S. interests, which makes these Congressional junkets dangerous and downright un-American.”
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