The United States begin to monitor the Camp Ashraf

Posted on December 31, 2011


Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) –
GMT 22:36:00 2011 Friday, December 30
Washington: The United States announced today that it began in the control (Camp Ashraf) and supervise the transfer of Iranian dissidents living in the wake of being attacked with mortars.

 Include a plan unveiled by the Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for the affairs of Camp Ashraf, the transfer of Ambassador Daniel Fried’s residents to 3,200 people (Camp Liberty), a former U.S. military base in Baghdad, so that after being transferred out of Iraq.

 And maintains the camp of MKO members Iran, which fought during the past years in order to overthrow the Iranian government with the Iraqi government wants to close the camp.

The three rockets hit the camp, located 65 km from Baghdad earlier this week, but there were no immediate reports of casualties, according to Iraqi security officials.

 Fried said the United Nations will control the operations of the camp of freedom over time as will staff the Embassy of the United States in Iraq, repeated visits to him for observation.

 The Iraqi government agreed to guarantee the safety and security of the camp of freedom and its residents as well as not to force any of them forced to return to Iran.

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