The wife is 20 tonnes of Mr. Gaddafi

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Rarely appearing in the press as well as participate in social activities, but Ms. Safia Farkash – his second wife Muammar Gaddafi – has quite a reputation by producing vast resources no one knows, as well as influence quite large even silently.
From nurse to First Lady

 Safia al-Baraasi Farkash born in the city of al-Baida in eastern Libya, came from al-Baraaesa tribes. The turning point in his life was Safia Farkash in 1971, when Muammar Gaddafi admitted for appendicitis surgery and she is a nurse caring for him. They married that same year and had seven children together, including six boys and daughter Ayesha.

 The early years of marriage, Mrs. Farkash rarely appear on the media.  The chips in recent years, she began participating in social activities such as attending the celebrations revolution in 1969 led her husband took office, or attend the graduation ceremony of female police officers in 2010 .

 In 2008, Mrs. Farkash was elected vice president of the Organization of African First Ladies (AFLO) at a meeting of leaders of the African Union at Sharm al-Sheikh city located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt , though she did not attend the meeting and never participate in activities related to AFLO.

 Since the wave of violence erupted in Libya on 17/02 of this year, she Farkash almost “disappear”.  Some website reporting her daughter Ayesha Farkash went to Germany on 20.2, but the message has not been verified.

News about her wealth vary Farkash, but no one knows the number of assets that woman billionaire holds. Some sources believe the media guide is reliable and says she has power assets worth $ 30 billion, also owns 20 tons of gold and make the private airline Buraq Air is headquartered Mittiga international airport in the capital Tripoli.

 Mrs. Farkash label executive with the approval of the husband, whether it is the enemy of national airlines with Libya and occupied exclusively transport pilgrims Libya.

 Rumors of her wealth Farkash also coincides with the documents disclosed Wiki Leaks, Gaddafi that he is the head of a family of wealth and power, but the property was divided.

 She went back with an aircraft leasing and use of family car to work every day.  Even her big party held at the Bab al-Azizia building – headquarters of Mr Gaddafi – on the occasion of the recent revolution in 1969, is quite modest.

 International Union against war crimes (ICAWC) in France, said in 1992 the source of his wealth Gaddafi was 80 billion, excluding the assets of 30 billion dollars of her Farkash.

The children

Mr. Moammar Gadhafi has a total of eight children, of which seven are with her Farkash. As the eldest son Muhammad Gadhafi that he had with his first wife, the former director of the Libyan Olympic Committee.

 The name Hannibal Gadhafi had occupied many positions on the front page of the European press, due to violent behavior and mood swings.  He used the fire extinguisher to attack three police officers in Italy in 2001; arrested in 2004 by driving a Porsche luxury car speeding in the state are slightly fermented and running back line on the Champs-Elysees in Paris in 2005 was sentenced four months’ probation by beating her girlfriend Aline Skaf then (later wife).

The incident sparked a series of punishment from Libya to Switzerland, including the Tripoli summoned diplomats from Bern on the water and forcing the closure of the offices of a Swiss firms in Libya.

 Seif al-Islam Gadhafi was born on 06/25/1972 in Tripoli, the second son of Moammar Gadhafi, but he is the eldest son of Mrs. Farkash.  He is most famous son and once thought to be “The death” future home Gadhafi, has a Ph.D. University of Economics and London and has extensive relationships.

 The third son Saadi Gadhafi, the operating capital Libya Football Federation.. Thursday Mutassim Gadhafi’s son served as National Security Advisor, in 2009 went to Washington to meet U.S. Secretary Hilary Clinton in the highest-level meeting of diplomats between the two countries since bilateral relations were resumed before shortly. A son, Seif al-Arab Gadhafi killed in a bombing by NATO aircraft last 30.4 days. . Gadhafi is the youngest Khamis, each brigade commander of the military elite Khamis Libya.

 In 2004 she joined the defense team for Saddam Hussein. George W. She has also protect journalists Muntadhar al-Zaidi after he threw his shoes at the then U.S. President . Bush at a press conference in Baghdad, Iraq.

Mr. Gadhafi and Mrs. Farkash also an adopted daughter Hanna, but died in a U.S. bombing campaign in Libya since 1986.

Quyen Linh (According to Al Arabiya net)

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