Marxism for the 21st century

Posted on June 29, 2022


Where We Stand

Adopted May 2020Marx21 (Marxism for the 21st century) is an organization of revolutionary socialist across the United States.We stand by the following principles:


We believe that workers create all the wealth under capitalism, which is a system run by a tiny, wealthy elite. A new society can only be constructed when we the workers collectively seize control of that wealth and plan production and distribution according to human need.Socialism from below

We stand in the tradition of socialism from below: the idea that workers can only emancipate ourselves through our own struggles. We do not believe that current social democratic and labor governments around the world represent socialism, nor do we believe states that use the language of socialism (like the former Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere) offer a model for true liberation. Socialism cannot be handed down to us. We need a fundamentally different system in which we actively

participate and democratically control.


We are activists and organizers. We do not stand aside from movements and activity in the streets, we strive to lead them. We read theory, debate ideas, and learn history

in order to understand the world, and to argue for and implement strategies and tactics that give us the best chance of winning radical change. One function of our website/bulletin is to intervene in movements and demonstrate through our activity that the politics of revolutionary socialism is the only path to creating the world we know is possible. Revolutionary socialism

We believe that only a revolutionary break with the current system can deliver us socialism. We believe in fighting for reforms, because they are both an essential part of improving people’s lives and preparing our side to run society in our own interests. We believe in the need fora mass, working class, revolutionary party in order to lead a future successful socialist revolution.Opposition to all forms of oppression

The working class is multi-racial and multi-gendered. It benefits capitalism to oppress and divide us because capitalism’s greatest enemy is worker solidarity. We need a world free from racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and every kind of oppression. We fight against all these forms of oppression wherever they arise. The only way we can win true equality is with solidarity.Non-sectarianism We are an outward-looking, non-sectarian organization that seeks to work together in movements and campaigns, and alongside the wider left. We believe in being honest about our political differences with other groups and having comradely disagreements, but we work with all forces that seek left wing change.

InternationalismMarx21 stands in the international socialist tradition and is connected with other like-minded socialist groups around the world in the International Socialist Tendency. We support the IST’s politics, and we work alongside the organizations associated with the tendency, but we are an independent organization that makes its own decisions. DemocracyWe are a member organization where every voice matters. Any elected leadership bodies are accountable to and instantly recallable by the membership. We make decisions together in our local branches, caucuses, and national meetings. We are accountable to one another as a group.What membership means○We agree with the principles outlined above○We attend Marx21 meetings and events as often aspossible○We write for and share articles from the Marx21 website and we sell the Marx21 bulletin where possible○We identify ourselves as Marx21 members in meetings and movements wherever possible and practical○We pay dues to support the organization’s work (based on our financial ability)○We welcome any non-members who are interested in our politics to attend our meetings and work alongside us

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