Biden wins – where now for America & the left?

Posted on June 29, 2022


Biden wins – where now for America & the left?

• August Nimtz, professor of African American studies at the University of Minnesota • Virginia Rodino, activist with Marx21 US and Maryland Green Party • Paul LeBlanc, author & activist based in Pittsburgh • Lewis Nielsen, Socialist Workers Party 👉🏼 Join socialists: Joe Biden has been declared winner of the US election. The election itself has posed important questions have been posed for the Left. Even though he has lost, Trump has been able to fire up his base with a toxic mix of right wing populism, racism & bigotry. How is that more people voted for him in 2020 than 2016? Even though Biden has won, the Democrats have exposed the weakness of the liberal centre. Joe Biden’s uninspiring campaign has failed to deliver the landslide victory predicted by polling experts. His campaign promised little change and has inspired no one. The election comes after years of polarisation, from the advances of the far right to the inspirational BLM movement in the summer. With a Biden presidency on the horizon and Trump refusing to go to quietly, there is a lot to discuss about where next for America and the left. Tune in to this special live event.

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