Toyota announced the closure of its factories around the world

Posted on January 31, 2022


Toyota announced the closure of its factories around the world

In Japan, Toyota suspends the work of 11 plants. Temporary restrictions will last from 21 to 24 January.

During this period, the work of 21 production lines at 11 factories in Japan is stopped, Nikkei Asia reports.

The company faced a shortage of components. In addition, cases of infection with the omicron strain of coronavirus are also detected at the workplace. Across the country, the number of new patients with COVID-19 is breaking daily records. In the meantime, there are fewer severe cases, fewer deaths than with previous strains.

Experts believe that the delay in production will hit the assembly of top models. The company’s factories in other countries around the world are also waiting for changes. If Toyota originally planned to produce 9.3 million vehicles by March 31, 2022, then now these plans are likely to be adjusted.

As the media emphasize, despite the fact that in early 2022 Toyota  overtook  General Motors for the first time in car sales in the US market, due to the pandemic, plans will have to be revised towards reducing the production of cars.

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