Robot vacuum cleaner “escaped” from a hotel in the UK

Posted on January 31, 2022


Robot vacuum cleaner “escaped” from a hotel in the UK

robotic vacuum cleaner escaped from the Travelodge Hotel in Cambridge, writes “”.

It is noted that the automated cleaning equipment was “released” on January 20, 2022 without stopping at the hotel door in Orchard Park. The hotel threshold prevented this, but the ‘fugitive’ managed to overcome it.

The hotel manager’s assistant posted a story about the “great escape” on social media, asking for the robot to be returned if it was found.

The employee noted that the gadget is only compatible with the docking station and the charger in the hotel, so it will not benefit potential thieves. He promised the person who returned the device a free drink at the hotel bar.

The next day, the robot was found among the bushes near the entrance to the hotel. Hotel staff said the device will now “take its place on the happy shelf” along with a team of robotic vacuum cleaners.

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