Beaches in Thailand covered in oil

Posted on January 31, 2022


At the end of January, an oil pipeline hose ruptured in the Gulf of Thailand.

Thai divers accidentally discovered a broken oil hose at the Star Petroleum Refining unloading pier in the Gulf of Thailand, 20 kilometers off the country’s east coast.

In two days, the company’s employees were able to clean up the leak, but the spilled oil spread over a long distance and reached the beaches of the popular resort of Mae Ramphuang in Rayong province, which was declared a natural disaster area.

According to experts, about 50 tons of oil leaked from the pipeline, which has now spread over 47 square kilometers in the bay and the open sea.

Some 150 Star Petroleum Refining workers and 200 Navy personnel were reportedly deployed to clean up the beaches and coastline. 12 warships and three civilian ships, as well as several aircraft, continue to work to contain the spill at sea, writes The Guardian.

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