VIDEO | Putin in New Year’s address wished the Russians good health

Posted on December 31, 2021


VIDEO | Putin in New Year’s address wished the Russians good health

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his New Year address to the Russians, wished everyone good health in 2022. And to him, according to the head of state, success in various fields will already be added, writes TASS .

“In a few seconds, the New Year will come, and in many families, including our compatriots outside Russia, the traditional will sound:” Happy New Year! With new happiness! “- he said.

These simple words, Putin continued, are pronounced by Russians with special feeling because they are passed down from generation to generation. “I sincerely congratulate you! The main wish to everyone is, of course, good health. And I am sure that success in work, study, creativity and favorite business will follow,” the president said.

The head of state wished that every home had as many joyful events as possible, that new families appeared in Russia as often as possible, children were born. “May they grow up healthy, smart, honest and free! May love be in every heart and inspire all of us to achieve our goals and conquer the greatest heights – for the sake of their loved ones and for the sake of our only, great Motherland! Happy New Year, dear friends! Happy new year 2022! ” – he turned to the Russians.

Coronavirus pandemic

Putin expressed words of support to everyone who lost loved ones due to the pandemic. He noted that in the outgoing year, the citizens of the country faced colossal challenges, but learned to live in such harsh conditions, to solve complex problems “and were able to do this thanks to our solidarity.”

“Together we continued to fight a dangerous epidemic that swept all continents and is not yet receding. The insidious disease has claimed tens of thousands of lives. I want to express my sincere support to everyone who has lost loved ones,” said the President.

On the eve of the New Year, according to Putin, all people are united by hopes for good changes.

“The year 2021 is coming to an end, very soon time will take us from the past to the future. Yes, this happens every day, minute and second. But we clearly hear this continuous passage of time when we celebrate the New Year. We are waiting for it as an important life milestone. We are all united now there is hope for the upcoming good changes, but we understand that they cannot be torn off, separated from the events of the outgoing year, “the Russian leader said.

Improving well-being and quality of life

Putin said that only an increase in the well-being and quality of life of the people would make Russia an even stronger state.

“When we celebrate the New Year, we hope that it will open up new opportunities, we hope, of course, for good luck, but we still understand that the achievement of what we have conceived primarily depends on ourselves, on what we prioritize and what we fill our everyday life with. how firmly, actively we get down to business and achieve concrete, visible results, “said the head of state.

According to him, it is from such results that the implementation of national plans will be formed. “Their main goal is to improve the well-being and quality of life of people. The solution of these tasks will make Russia even stronger,” the Russian leader emphasized.

Putin noted that only through joint efforts is it possible to ensure the further development and prosperity of the Motherland. According to him, “in such a difficult time as it is now, the attitude towards creation is very important, the desire to necessarily realize their personal plans and benefit the society and the native country.”

Addressing the Russians, the President noted that New Year’s Eve is filled with good feelings and bright thoughts, everyone’s desire to show their best qualities. “Such openness, generosity is the essence and energy of this wonderful holiday, when it becomes possible to warm parents with attention and care, to hug, if they are near, to tell everyone close how dear they are, what happiness it is when there is love, children, family, friends. “, – said Putin, emphasizing that all these are great values, in many respects determining the meaning of every person’s life. He expressed the wish that in the coming year they remain the same reliable support.

“We are now in a hurry to confess our innermost feelings to people dear to us, to utter those sincere words of love and gratitude, for which sometimes there is not enough time in everyday vanity, but the real New Year’s magic is that it opens our hearts to sensitivity and trust, nobility and mercy, “the president concluded, noting that wherever people are now: in the circle of family and friends, in city squares, the warmest wishes are heard from everywhere. “I am pleased to join them,” the Russian president concluded.

Difficulties of 2021

In addition, Putin said that Russia passed the difficulties of 2021 with dignity, and the main merit in this belongs to the citizens of the country.

“Of course, there are still a lot of unsolved problems, but this year has passed with dignity. The main merit here belongs to you, the citizens of Russia . This is the result of your hard work. Everyone in his place tried to fulfill his duty, to do not only what is in his power, but also much more, to help those who find it especially difficult, my heartfelt thanks to all of you, “the President noted.

Putin added that “we overcame all the difficulties of the outgoing year together, protected those who found themselves in a difficult situation, first of all supported the people of the older generations and families where children grow up – the future of Russia.”

“We have firmly and consistently defended our national interests, the security of the country and citizens. We have restored the economy in a short time and are now reaching strategic development goals in many areas,” the Russian leader emphasized.

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