Assassination of the President of Haiti was planned in a Dominican hotel, according to the Police

Posted on July 27, 2021

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Haiti-The assassination of President Jovenel Moise, perpetrated on July 7, was planned by the alleged perpetrators of the assassination in a meeting at a hotel in Santo Domingo, the Haitian Police informed the local prisoner on Wednesday.

The general director of the Police, Léon Charles, presented to the press a photograph of the meeting in which the alleged masterminds of the assassination and the financial managers of the alleged international network planned the operation.

The person in charge also showed the network of contacts between those allegedly involved and provided details about the alleged network that has ramifications in the United States and Colombia.

The main person in charge of the plot would be Dr. Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a doctor living in the United States, completely unknown in Haitian politics and who, according to the authorities’ version, aspired to assassinate Moise to replace him at the head of state.

“All the elements that planned and executed the assassination met at the hotel in Santo Domingo,” said Charles. In the Santo Domingo meeting, according to the Police, in addition to Sanon, five other people participated, including the Venezuelan Antonio Emmanuel Intriago Valera, director of the CTU Security company, suspected of hiring the Colombian mercenaries who would have perpetrated the attack.

Marked to plot assassination of Moise

The assassination of President Jovenel Moise was planned by the alleged perpetrators of the assassination in a meeting at a hotel in Santo Domingo, the Haitian Police reported

Also present were Walter Veintemilla, head of the Worldwide Capital Lending Group consulting firm, designated as the company that financed the operation. Then there were ex-senator John Joël Joseph, in search and capture; the mayor of Jacmel (south), Marky Kessa, and James Solages, arrested along with the Colombian mercenaries and suspected of being the link with CTU Security.

At the moment, 23 people have been arrested, including 18 Colombians and five Haitian-Americans, while three Colombians died in shootings with the Police.

Authorities have also applied precautionary measures against 24 agents and heads of the security units responsible for protecting Moise, four of whom are in isolation.

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