US Embassy Compares Poland to Iran

Posted on June 30, 2021



Since the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States of America in November 2020, Catholic Arena have warned Poles and Hungarians that the new regime would waste no time in trying to demonise them as they did to others in their previous incarnation between 2008 and 2016.

Warmongers like Samantha Power have been brought back into the fold under Biden and they have wasted no time antagonising, mocking and demonising Catholic countries as they once did to Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran.

In June, the European embassies of the United States have been a particular source of embarrassment for the once respected nation. They have deliberately targeted the Vatican and Poland for aggressive displays and comments designed to mock Catholics, with displays promoting so called ‘Pride Month’, an inventions of US banks and corporations.

Firstly, they unfurled a pride banner at their Holy See embassy as a means of mocking Catholics. This is something that they have chosen not to do in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the Middle East, therefore we can conclude that it really is an effort to insult Catholics.

Secondly, they did the same at their Polish embassy in Warsaw. Now however, they have gone one further.

In a threatening and menacing Twitter post this morning, the embassy wrote:

Alireza, 20, from Iran, was beheaded by his family for being gay. 14-year-old Kacper from Poland took his own life because of the hate he experienced, as did 14-year-old Jamey from Buffalo, NY. Discrimination and bullying have real, terrible consequences.

20-letni Alireza z Iranu został ścięty przez rodzinę za to, że był gejem. 14-letni Kacper z Polski odebrał sobie życie z powodu hejtu, którego doświadczył, podobnie jak 14-letni Jamey z Buffalo w stanie NY. Dyskryminacja i zastraszanie mają realne, przerażające konsekwencje.— US Embassy Warsaw (@USEmbassyWarsaw) June 15, 2021

The USA has successfully turned Iran into an enemy that is regarded as backwards, violent and immeasurably cruel. Yet the Polish embassy could quickly fire back that the USA’s war in Iraq wiped out 82% of its Christians, that Biden’s interference in Libya and Syria has made life a living hell for Christians or perhaps they could go all the way back to when the USA handed Poland over to its ally Joseph Stalin to allow the Soviets to brutally rule over them for a half century.

Conflating intentional capital punishment with childhood bullying is absurd at the best of times, but coming from a country where kids regularly get shot dead at school seems particularly so.

Poles should not take this sort of behaviour lightly, though luckily for them their involvement in NATO should protect them from any of the more serious repercussions incurred by those resistant to US imperialism.

Ken Moore

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