The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for the elections of June 6 take place in peace.

Posted on May 31, 2021


The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for the elections of June 6 take place in peace and without irregularities , so that ” Mexico is a global example in this area too.”

“That the elections take place in peace , that no provocation falls into place, is a call to all Mexicans. That we bet on asserting democracy in a peaceful way, without violence , not falling into the trap of violence, ” the president in morning conference this Monday. It may interest you


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Six days after the largest election in the history of the country, the Mexican president requested that they no longer ask him about the electoral issue in the morning.

“We have three days left, because in addition to the electoral ban, on Wednesday at 12 at night the campaigns end, so these three days, and of course Thursday and Friday, let’s not talk about political-electoral issues, we have not done it , but we do not fall into the temptation, “he said.

López Obrador made a call to “not use this platform (the morning) that many citizens see to come and say ‘the candidate of this party is a scoundrel’, or ‘this candidate is doing things well, or they are victims of slander ‘, that we do not talk about it, because even when it is a question it can mean a blow to the candidates or parties “.

López Obrador indicated that “if we continue to behave like this, democracy will become a habit , a normal activity.”

“There are few who are still susceptible to manipulation, most of the people are very awake, very aware and we can achieve the feat of establishing democracy , that Mexico is also a world example in this field,” he said.

He assured that in Mexico there is no longer someone who is carried away, because there is a public life characterized by political normality.

“Let the people freely decide according to what their conscience dictates, no hauling, no crazy mouse, no voting by the deceased, no filling of ballot boxes, no falsification of minutes, no taking of polls, no violence , especially that the elections take place in peace that does not fall into any provocation, “he launched.


The President Lopez Obrador said he hoped the meeting with the Vice President of the United States , Kamala Harris , be very fruitful, after confirming that arrive in Mexico on June 8, through the election intermediate.

“Cooperation is essential, we have friendship with the United States government, there are no differences, there are no lawsuits, and we are also obliged to agree because we are neighbors,” he said.


The President Lopez Obrador said the deportations in the United States are down and this indicates that the joint migration plan is working.

“It has already dropped (the flow) because we are carrying out, we have already begun, a joint plan that is beginning to give results. It is still missing, but progress is being made, it is no longer as it was in March,” explained the Mexican president.

The joint strategy is revealed after the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported the arrest of more than 178,000 migrants last April, a figure not seen in decades that succeeded the record in March, when there were more than 172,000 detainees.

Although the president did not offer more details, the government of Mexico has previously recognized the national deployment of 12,000 elements, among soldiers, immigration agents and other officials to stop the wave of migration.

“We have held two meetings with authorities in the south of the country, with the governors of Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapas and with all the municipal presidents of the border area in the south and we are working in a coordinated manner,” said López Obrador .


The President Lopez Obrador said the United States did not take seriously his request to stop financing Mexican organizations that are opposing his government.

“There has been no response, we are waiting for it, you mean the financing that organizations of the supposed civil society receive, which are actually political organizations, they are not parties, but they are pressure groups or organizations that participate in politics, as stated. it is currently doing, as it is public and notorious, “he explained.

“That is improper, for the United States government to give money to these organizations, especially during electoral times, it does not have to be done, it is an interference in the public life of our country,” he launched.

“It is very unfortunate that the United States government has not taken our request seriously, that is why we will continue to respectfully insist that they are no longer financing political groups in Mexico and it would be best if they did not intervene to finance any group politician of the world, “he said.


López Obrador pointed out that the presence of the deputy director of the CIA, David Cohen, in Mexico is a routine visit, since his government opened the doors to listen to all the agencies.

“It is a relationship, we are going to say routine, a routine visit, I clarify that it was not the director, it was the deputy director, and we have decided to listen to everyone and open the doors to all governments, to international diplomacy, to all agencies, “he remarked.


The President Lopez Obrador again congratulate the Blue Cross in the early – morning after winning the Liga MX.

“It was their turn, there were many attempts, and it is very important in everything, in particular, in sports, in business, in politics, perseverance, not giving up,” he said.

(Luis Ramos)

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