Congress: $ 70 million in donations for Democrats

Posted on April 30, 2021


(AP) – Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his US Democrats during their party convention this week claims to campaign contributions in the amount of 70 million dollars (60 million euros) get . This follows on from the success of the previous week, when, following the announcement of Kamala Harris as a candidate for the vice-presidency, 48 million dollars were raised within two days, the campaign team said. Biden and Harris had officially accepted their nomination as candidates at the party conference.

In July, the Democrats raised $ 140 million in donations, but President Donald Trump’s campaign had come to $ 165 million. In June, Biden and the Democrats raised $ 141 million – slightly more than Trump and his Republicans for the second month in a row. Trump is running for a second term in the November 3rd election.

The high donation sums for both candidates also show how contested the election continues to be. The amount of donations also showed that Trump cannot be counted for a long time, despite the coronavirus pandemic and recently poor survey results.

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