Accused cardinals and bishops in future before the Vatican court

Posted on April 30, 2021


(AP) – Bishops and cardinals accused in the Vatican will in future stand before the tribunal of the Papal States. Pope Francis stated this in an apostolic letter which the Holy See published on Friday. The Pope changed the procedural requirements according to which a court headed by a cardinal was previously responsible , as the media portal “Vatican News” wrote.

Nevertheless, the consent of the Pope is still necessary if a criminal case is to come against a cardinal or bishop . With this change, Francis wanted to create equality for all members of the Church, as the letter said.

On Thursday, the pontiff also tightened the course against corruption and money laundering with a so-called motu proprio. Cardinals in top positions in the Curia and high officials must in future affirm with a declaration of honor that they will not be investigated for tax evasion or corruption . They are also not allowed to be convicted of such and other crimes or to invest money in tax havens. On top of that, they are prohibited from accepting gifts with a value of more than 40 euros.

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