The U.S. Marine Corps and “1776 Forever Freedom”

Posted on March 1, 2021


The U.S. Marine Corps and “1776 Forever Freedom”

Williams spoke at a rally against Facebook censorship last year. (Li Mei/The Epoch Times) Update 2021-02-28 1:19 PM

[Epoch Times February 26, 2021] (Epoch Times reporter Li Meicheng County reported) Last weekend at the ” Remove Governor Newsom ” rally in Ventura County, California, USA , ” 1776 Forever Free ” (1776 Forever Free) The stalls in is very eye-catching. Many people buy clothes, hats and logos that read “1776 Forever Free”.

The ” 1776 Freedom Forever ” booth at the rally to remove Newsom . (Li Mei/The Epoch Times)
The “1776 Freedom Forever” booth at the rally to remove Newsom. (Li Mei/The Epoch Times)

The meaning of 1776

The American War of Independence began in January 1776; the United States Continental Congress approved the “Declaration of Independence” on the Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, which was also the founding day of the United States; in December, General George Washington led the army to victory in the Battle of Delaware .

“1776 Forever Free” is a community organization. One of the founders of the organization, Cordie Williams, said, “Regardless of people’s race, religion or color, we support the constitutional rights and Freedom.” The organization was born in response to the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19) and the dictatorship of Governor Newsom. On May 1, 2020, Williams’ speech in front of the California State Capitol in Sacramento received more than 8 million views on Facebook and more than 15 million views on other platforms.

“1776 Forever Free” logo. (Li Mei/The Epoch Times)

Williams said: “The governor’s executive order cannot violate the Constitution. People need to understand the Constitution. The United States’ Declaration of Independence in 1776 created a free country. God gave us freedom, not an authoritarian governor or official. When the tyranny came to our door, I took the oath of office to fight against all enemies from home and abroad.”

“These harsh communist policies are affecting the growth of our children. We cannot call them leftists or rightists. In fact, people must call them anti-American or anti-American. Now the 1776 Committee has been removed, speech is restricted, and a series of The policy of harming the United States will make us slaves to other countries. If communism takes over this country, we will have nothing. This makes me worry about the children and the United States.”

“1776 Forever Free” has an online constitution lecture every week, and children are welcome to attend. Williams said: “No matter how strong the evil is, we must have courage in this battle, because God is behind us. We need to wake up. For more people, your faith can move people until the freedom God has given us is restored.”


According to the official website, the Marine Corps was established on November 10, 1775, before the “Declaration of Independence” was published. The navy blue uniform (dress) of the Marine Corps is the only red, white and blue uniform designated to include the American flag in the U.S. Army. This embodies the survival values ​​of the Marine Corps and can be traced back to the independence of the United States. war. In 1775, Captain Samuel Nicholas (Samuel Nicholas) established the first Marine Corps recruitment headquarters in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in search of those fighting for the United States. He then led more than 200 attacks. The British warship.

The core values ​​of the Marine Corps are honor, courage, and commitment. After 1883, “Forever Loyalty” became the motto to ensure that the Marines can support a common moral cause in every battle. The explanation for honor is not to lie, cheat, and steal; to observe the principle of uncompromising integrity; to respect others; to fulfill obligations and to make oneself and others responsible for each action. Williams was a member of the Marine Corps. He said that in the army, I learned to be confident and lead by example, and how to adapt to various situations and overcome difficulties.

In 1945, the Marines finally won the battle of Iwo Jima after a arduous 36-day bloody battle in the Pacific. About 20,000 Marines were injured and nearly 7,000 were killed. The Battle of Iwo Jima was not yet the most tragic. The US Postal Service issued a postage stamp with a picture of six soldiers raising the American flag on the top of Suribachi, but three of them died later.

When Williams greets people, he often refers to like-minded people as “brothers.” This may reflect a spirit of shared joys and sorrows and eternal loyalty. “We lost nearly 7,000 brothers in that battle. They lay in the ground without even having time to say goodbye to their loved ones. This country is really going astray. We must give the heroes enough respect and defend them. The career you are striving for.”◇

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