What really is Carvativir, Maduro’s supposed “miracle drops

Posted on January 30, 2021



It is supposed to be a thyme derivative with the chemical name 2-methyl-5- (1-methylethyl) -phenol recombined, better known as Carvacrol or 2-Methyl-5- (1-methylethyl) phenol, and it has nothing new, since both the extracts and the pure products of thyme already have a long tradition as nutritional and therapeutic agents since ancient times ”. This is how the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela defines Carvativir, the substance presented by Nicolás Maduro as the remedy against the coronavirus .

Last Sunday, January 24, the Venezuelan president announced by the state-run Venezolana de Televisión, an alleged remedy against Covid-19 . «It is a totally innocuous medicine. It does not have any kind of side effects. We could say: neither negative. It has shown tremendous effectiveness.

Carvativir, the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández, neutralize the symptoms of the Coronavirus. From Venezuela to the world! Starting this week, mass production begins, so that the entire National Public Health System has this powerful antiviral. pic.twitter.com/lNcl3BxIJF– Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro)

January 25, 2021

In his Twitter account he referred to this substance as “the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández” and assured that they neutralize the symptoms of the coronavirus and that Venezuela would begin to produce them en masse.

What is Carvativir

The Carvativir, carvacrol or Cimofenol is a substance present in essential oils such as oregano and thyme, which has a amarilleno or orange color, a spicy flavor and a spicy smell like oregano. It can be used as a flavoring agent in food and different cosmetic products.

In addition, carvatir is a very recurrent compound in homeopathic medicine, without any scientific basis, and is used in aromatic therapies to improve emotional well-being.

It is a monoterpenoid phenol whose chemical composition is 2-methyl-5- (1-methylethyl) -phenol.

Does it have any medicinal properties?

There are several scientific studies, such as the one prepared by the School of Chemical Engineering of the University of Yeungnam, in Korea, which assures that oregano oil, rich in carvativir or carvacrol, may have antibacterial properties . According to this study, this substance can help in the treatment of urinary tract infections mainly caused by the uropathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria .

There is no evidence about its antiviral power. In fact, its main application is culinary , as it can help preserve certain foods.

It is not the first remedy against the coronavirus presented by Maduro

Last November, the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, already assured that a group of scientists from the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) had found the cure against the coronavirus .

On that occasion it was another molecule, DR-10 , that Rafael Lacava , a peculiar politician nicknamed Dracula, had extracted from an unidentified medicinal plant.

Tremendous News! We certify the DR10 molecule as a highly effective antiviral in the fight against Covid-19. We have started the certification process with the WHO to offer this treatment to the world. I thank the IVIC team for this great contribution to humanity. pic.twitter.com/MPCOpMe9or– Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro)

October 26, 2020

In addition, in March, shortly after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic, Maduro already assured that Venezuela had a miraculous drug that was manufactured in Cuba , a kind of interferon. It didn’t take me long to offer another remedy, this time homemade: a concoction of malojo, elderberry, ginger, black pepper, lemon, and honey.

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