Clinton Foundation Brokers HIV/AIDS Deal With Chinese Pharmaceutical Group

Posted on September 30, 2020


The Clinton Foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas has announced a deal with Mchem Pharma Group of Xiamen, China, to supply discounted chemical ingredients to producers of generic AIDS antiviral drugs in India and Africa, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the foundation, Mchem will supply pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients to drug manufacturers, including Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd. in South Africa, and Cipla, Hetero Drugs Ltd., Matrix Laboratories, and Ranbaxy Laboratories in India. The move is designed to ensure that the growing number of new AIDS drugs on the market reach HIV/AIDS patients in the developing world. Mchem’s output, for example, initially will be enough to treat about 400,000 patients a year.

The agreement makes Mchem the first Chinese company to join the expanding network of partners enlisted by the Clinton Foundation, which has brokered deep discounts in AIDS drugs and diagnostics since 2003. In February, the foundation announced an agreement with China’s Ministry of Health to deliver treatment to two hundred children with HIV/AIDS.

“Mchem is one of China’s leading suppliers of the pharmaceutical products that make treatment of HIV/AIDS possible,” said Ira C. Magaziner, chairman of the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative. “I applaud Mchem’s commitment to increase supply of high-quality HIV/AIDS pharmaceuticals at affordable prices. As access to treatment continues to expand, Mchem and other leading pharmaceutical companies in China will play an increasingly important role.” Marilyn Chase. “Chinese Firm Joins Clinton AIDS-Drug Effort.” Wall Street Journal 07/27/2005. “Mchem Pharma Group and William J. Clinton Foundation Sign Cooperative Agreements to Support Long-Term Sustainable Supply of Affordable HIV/AIDS Medicine.” Mchem Pharma Press Release 07/27/2005.

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