Tamil Tiger Gangs Robbing Millions From Bank Customers In Credit Cards’ Fraud

Posted on February 29, 2020


Glen Jenvey From London – Exclusive To Asian Tribune
London, 24 February, (Asiantribunde.com):

Called by Tamil Tiger Gang members as (Mi5 and Mi6) merchant 15 and merchant 16, who globally are behind some of the 6 billion dollar a year Credit Cards and Debit Cards unauthorized payments, fraudulent transactions, and fraud costing banks and customers, misery and loss in billions.

Tiger Gangs call ‘MI5’ and ‘MI6’ – meaning merchant 15 and merchant 16, the 15 and 16 long numbers found in different credit and debit cards.

Dont wonder whether Tamil Tigers re still in existance? Yes very much internationally.

The Tamil Tigers, who operate credit card frauds and fraudulent money transactions, by using low paid petrol-stations, shops, restaurant and mobile phone shops and call-center workers, but they never skim those cards with electronic devices, as first thought by law enforcement officers.

Banks themselves have to take serious measures and changes, to stop these terrorists’ gangs stealing the hard earned money, probably the biggest organized bank robbery in the history, bigger than any other historical bank robberies in British history, such as the £2.6 million ‘Great Train Robbery’ of August 8, 1963, or ‘Brink’s-Mat Robbery’ of 26 November 1983, of £26 million both put together.

The biggest ever banking fraud organized by Tamil gangs in London and across the UK, funding the TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam) and the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) activities worldwide, is made simple by the banks themselves, as reports suggested that Tamil gangs operating in petrol stations across the UK as low paid workers were skimming cards with electronic devices, but it has since been found out by an investigation, for this report for the ‘Asian Tribune,’ that the actual scam is much simpler and doesn’t involve any electronical devices, as first thought to capture the card details in the biggest organized fraud against the banks and customers and it was also thought that the other terrorist organizations were also involved in these criminal activities and also use the same method adopted by the Tamil gang members, simply MI5 and MI6 and nothing to do with the intelligence services.

How the scam works is simple, as every transaction in a shop or a business, using debit or credit cards has a receipt, one for the customer and one for the business?

The business copy is known as a ‘Merchant Receipt’ and that receipt discloses the full 16 numbers of Visa or debit cards and full 15 numbers for American Express with expiry date. Tamil gangs armed with this, do mail order or phone orders, using the cards’ details just to do unauthorized card transactions in the United States, which costs banks 6.4 billion dollars and in the UK 1.2 billion pounds.

If a person uses the card in a mail order, over the phone or vis-a-vis internet, the said person has to disclose the last (three and last four digits) on the strip at the back of the card, plus postcode armed with the Merchant Receipt, which is a record of the 15/16 long number of the card and expiry date printed by the banks own card machines, which makes the transaction for the Tamil gang simple and easy.

Then gangs use the ill-gotten card details as their own, using mail order facilities or phoning businesses and collecting goods, ripping off the banks and customers monies and there’s (no skimming ) with sophisticated card reading equipment, as the banks have already printed the long card number and expiry date on the Merchant Receipt and the unsuspecting customer on mail order or phone orders has given their postcode and last three or last four digits on the back of the magnetic strip of the card.

Tamil gangs are then using those cards’ details in their own mobile phone shops, restaurants, market-stalls, to siphon off millions of pounds worth of goods or millions of pounds worth of customers money from the cards, thus weekly making Britain’s and American’s banks biggest robberies in history – 6.4 billion dollars of unauthorized debit and credit card transactions yearly and those ill-gotten amount is enough to build an aircraft carrier or 1.4 billion pounds is enough to build several needed hospitals and the banks insurance companies too are weekly victims of mass fraud by the Tamil Tigers and their criminal empire.

It was not known before how simple the billion-pound fraud was being carried out by the Tamil Tigers’ criminal gangs?

It was earlier known that the Tiger gangsters were committing mass fraud in petrol stations, but the method used was never disclosed publicly, as how simple the banks have made it for criminal gangs attached to terrorist organizations, like the Tamil Tigers and Islamic State.

Urgent action by banks in this digital world of computers and technology, is needed to stop millions of pounds worth of debt card and credit card fraud and illegal transactions and payments by low paid workers connected to Tamil gangs, who are providing the terrorist organization with the details from businesses across the country and committing mass credit card fraud, which is being committed worldwide by Tamil gangs.

The card operation by the Tamil gangs in London and across Europe and North America brings in massive amounts of money into the war chest, which is funding anti- Sri Lankan activities. The money is also used in global drug smuggling activities by Tamil gangs and this sort of criminal activities is being copied by other terrorist organizations, like Islamic State with several billion dollars annually, by which you could fund your own army.

There is a simple cure to the banking frauds and scandals which has for years blamed credit card skimming machines, when really the banks have disclosed the card details after every transaction to criminal gangs, who take up low paid jobs in shops, mail order companies and other businesses, to gain access to (Merchant Receipt) dishonestly for years in London and in the UK Tamil’s have operated in petrol stations accused of using skimming devices to copy cards and it’s now known they don’t need to use such devices due to the banks own practices, which give dishonest workers access to a full card details after every transaction on the Merchant Receipt.

It is now found that very important that the Banks must change their own practice and methods of taking payment and save their customers, insurance companies and banks themselves, billions of pounds and dollars yearly globally and cut the funds off from global terrorist organizations, who operate criminal gangs across Europe and North America they need to blank out the card details on the merchant Receipt with a code. 007x xxxx xxxx xxxx.

– Asian Tribune –http://asiantribune.com/node/93428

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