Million Minutes 2020 Lent initiative – siLENT

Posted on February 21, 2020


  • Kate Eastwood
  • Million Minutes – a Catholic social action charity – stands up for young people who don’t have a voice in society, and helps them to transform their lives and their world by giving them a voice. We know that young people are the future and we have faith in them that they will work for the common good, in order to help everyone live a life of dignity.

    This year we have launched the 2020 Lenten initiative – siLENT. Million Minutes feels Lent is a great time to try something different: silence. Take time to give up the things that fill life with noise and restlessness. By staying siLENT, you will be standing in solidarity with young people who don’t have a voice, for whom silence isn’t a choice.

    A ‘Million Minutes of Silence’ is a really simple idea – each minute is sponsored to raise money for projects supporting young people. Throughout Lent 2020 schools, parishes, communities and individuals will help clock up a million minutes! Each minute is sponsored to raise money for youth-led social action projects across the country.

    People can take part in different ways:

    • Collective silence in school/ groups – e.g. you could set up a silent assembly, choose an hour together, or do a ‘silent relay’ by each staying silent for an hour and passing on the ‘baton’!
    • 24 hours straight – Just go for it! Choose a date in Lent (26 Feb to 12 April) and start getting sponsored.
    • No Phone or Social Media over Lent! – Instead of spending all those hours online, spend just half an hour a day in silence (and an hour on Good Friday and Holy Saturday). It adds up to 24 hours.

    While you stay siLENT we will be making lots of noise about you via our social media pages, in order to help you share your story and reach your fundraising target.

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