For the ‘c’atholic Left, the Church should be perpetual Woodstock

Posted on August 8, 2019


As I write, I am watching my recording of the public TV series American Experience – “Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation“.


A half a million kids descend on a field in NY for to hear music of some of the most famous bands of the day.  The documentary is more of a panegyric than anything, breathless in its fulsome awe-filled nostalgia.  Oh the utopian joy. “Oh this must be heaven!”

One especially telling moment in the show is when they described that all the food in the booths had run out and these young people were all getting hungry.  The word got out into the neighboring countryside. The people of that quite conservative region started contributing food. The party went on.   The commentators in the documentary went on and on about how, “This was like, man, how things outta be”, “all these people came and it, you know, just worked”, “it was like an alternative city”, “it was all about intelligence and cooperation”, “it was like sharing the loaves and fishes”.

The problem is that they were eating other people’s food.  They were eating food that conservative people sent because they had kids their age and they would have hoped that someone would feed their kids.  They believed in God, who said “feed the hungry”.

The recipients were, in effect, parasites. Problems developed when they ran out of everyone else’s means, but – hey! – it was groovy.  Love.  Peace, man.  Have some more grass. Someone else will take care of us. Where’s it going to come from? Uhhhh… I dunno.

What did Margaret Thatcher say about Socialism?

Woodstock is the modernist ecclesiological locus for a whole swath of the Church today.  Watch for this to manifest in the lefty logorhea leading up to the Amazonian Synod.

For them, the Church should be perpetual Woodstock.

This show brings home the mentality of the US catholic Left.   It explains “Susan of the Parish Council”.  It explains the Fishwrap.

Do you all remember my repeated descriptions of libs of a certain age? They’re worldview was crystallized in the halycon days of revolt against authority, and in these USA, the anti-war movement, Vietnam protests, civil rights demonstrations, pot and acid, anti-authority  rebellion, all tied into the “spirit” of Vatican II. This slurry of forces coalesced into an iconic moment that, for them, is as indelible as baptism.

They’ve been trying to relight it and pass it down, like a joint, ever since.

That’s why these types have a Pavlovian response to the sight of a biretta or the sound of Latin.

The switch in their brain blows and the fog and static begin.

Susan from the parish Council channels her inner Joplin and the whining manipulation of the pastor and angry protests to the chancery commence.

Some of you younger readers might not have ever seen this stuff.  Some of you older readers may have forgotten.

Suggest Gregorian chant, and this is what is triggered in their brains.

The younger libs of our own time are reinventing this parasitical gerbil wheel.

If you have a chance to watch this documentary, take the time. It will put many things going on today into perspective.

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