Iranian affairs expert: Tehran official sponsor for the Houthis in Yemen .. and dialogue Alambeshrho solution to the crisis, Iran – Saudi Arabia

Posted on October 1, 2014


Wednesday 01/10/2014 – 22:28

Dr. Medhat Hammad, a professor of Iranian studies at the University of Tanta and the Gulf, Iran and that alone is the official sponsor of the Hotheon Yemen since more than 5 years, stressing that this support in the framework of the Saudi Iranian rivalry for control of the area of ​​the Red Sea Strait of Bab el Mandeb.

He added, “Hammad” in an exclusive statement to “echo the country” because there is no ambition I have Houthis to impose control over the neighboring regions of Yemen, pointing out that there is no spheres of influence for their deployment to neighboring countries, in addition to the opportunity Tmddhm in Saudi Arabia are almost too weak.

There was a professor of Iranian studies and Gulf Tanta University, fear of providing the West, led by America, France and Italy support for Hotheon the region, under the name of the announcement of its support for the rights of legitimate political for them, pointing out that this moment will appear on the implementation of the grand scheme of “Daash” in the north and the Houthis in the south.

He advised Dr. Hammad, Arab countries that a good remedy this matter so as not to enter the area in a Shiite-Sunni conflict, and the Arab states tend to support a direct dialogue between Tehran and Riyadh to stave off such crises.

It is noteworthy that the group “Houthis” in Yemen, seized control of the last period on the capital Sanaa and the joints of the state, setting up checkpoints in the streets after clashes with members of the military and tribes loyal to him.

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