Sacco: a million and a half million displaced Christian and the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, Mosul editing

Posted on September 29, 2014


Mon Sep 29 2014 16:55| (Voice of Iraq) Declared Archbishop of Chaldeans in Iraq and the world of Saint Louis Raphael Sacco first, on Monday, that the organization “Daash” the expulsion of nearly a million and a half million Christian and took over their areas in the Nineveh Plain, while stressing the need for cooperation of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil for the Liberation of Mosul, called on Muslims to declare their innocence of religious extremism and convicted of being a distorts their religion.

And Sako said in a statement received “Alsumaria News,” a copy of it, that “education and awareness incubator for religious and cultural diversity and national security and spreading the values ​​of peace, tolerance and respect, justice and the preservation of our national identity, the university and the strengthening of trust and co-existence it all helps the Elimination of all extremist thinking and of the urge to hatred and violence “, considering it as” a road map for the salvation of the alarming situation.

He Sacco that “about a million and a half million Christian Displaced by the Daash expulsion and the seizure of their areas in the Nineveh Plain,” calling on the federal government to “close ranks and cooperate with the Kurdistan Regional Government quickly for the Liberation of Mosul and towns of the Nineveh Plain and other cities to return displaced people to their homes, especially given that the schools will open doors after the holiday and winter is coming.

He stressed Archbishop “We Christians Almushargiwn Iraqis Created authentic and essential in Iraq and would like to stay with you partners and work as a team to advance our country and the good of our people, has Hgerna Daash of our towns and even in Baghdad exercise we pressures,” stressing that “we are confident that all Muslims do not Daash acknowledge acts and hope that openly declare their innocence of violent religious extremism and conviction because it distorts the religion.

Sacco was called, (24 August 2014), the international community to clear areas of Nineveh plain elements of the organization “Daash” so that the displaced Christians to return to their areas under international protection, stressing the desire of many of those displaced to return to their homes

Referred to the Christians in the city of Mosul, began, the end of last July, the movement of a mass exodus is unprecedented in the history of Iraq from their areas of origin, after a 24-hour deadline set by the organization “Daash” and vowing to kill them if not declare their Islam or pay tribute

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