Ground force commander of Iran: Our troops are fighting “Daash” inside Iraq

Posted on September 29, 2014


Dated: September 29, 2014

BAGHDAD / Network News Iraq said the ground force commander of the Iranian army Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Bordstan, said his country has trained the Iraqi army is described as “good”, and is ready to transfer its expertise to them in the area of how to address the totals for terrorist including organizing Daash.oukal Bordstan in a television interview : “The group Daash terrorist has offered to the Iraqi people for significant damage,” adding that “the Islamic Republic has provided good training for the Iraqi army,” and we intend to provide them with our expertise in this area and train them on how to address the totals terrorist “.ojadded assertion that” most of our assistance to Iraq was aid training; We also provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people, the oppressed, “noting that” Iraq asked us to help in the military aspects will surely examine and meet the demand. “The Bordstan had said on Monday that Iranian forces would target planning Daash terrorist deep in Iraqi territory if he tried approaching from the Iranian border.سياسية/قائد-القوة-البرية-الايرانيةقواتنا-تق/

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