distribution form for thousands of missing

Posted on September 25, 2014


09/25/2014 07:51

Distributed and Ministry of Human Rights more than three thousand missing to form between the relatives of the victims Base Speicher and Badush prison and the rest of the missing after the events of the ninth of June, while the Relatives of the victims demanded the ministry to intervene to uncover the fate of their children.

Distribution of forms
Advisor to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Family and civil society organizations charm Jaber Atta said “morning” that the ministry since he fired form missing after the events of the ninth of last June has so far distributed more than 1,000 form to the relatives of the victims Base Speicher of Baghdad and the provinces, saying it continues to deliver the forms to Missing with a view to lifting the international courts to investigate and which confirmed included in the genocide.

But informed sources within the ministry confirmed the “morning” and it distributed about three thousand form pertain to all missing from the base of both Spyker and Badush prison, in addition to the employees of the security forces in all provinces hot, as well as citizens who were taken to unknown destinations.

. For his part, said Director of the Department to monitor the government’s performance and the protection of rights in the ministry full-Amin “morning” that the Department of Affairs of citizens in the ministry received a number of families of victims of the Base Speicher, who demanded the ministry to intervene with the authorities concerned and to send a military force to move urgently to Salahuddin province to bring the bodies of the martyrs of their children and uncover the fate of their neighborhoods, as well as accountability for the perpetrators and the perpetrators brought to justice, in addition to the allocation of monthly salaries to the families of the martyrs after it has been limited to the preparation of the missing victims of the camp.

The fate of women

In the same vein, confirmed Chancellor Atta and the presence of thousands of women unknowns determination so far, revealing the sale of more than 100 women, most of them from Alaesideat within markets, especially gangs “Daash” in Syria and Turkey, referring to the receipt of information to the ministry stating exploiting Other methods are illegal or Tsfithen , noting that the ministry has moved internationally to bring back some of the women who have been sold, however, that there is difficulty in locating or the party that has Bashraúhen, as well as the sale process has in areas controlled by gangs “Daash” terrorist exclusively.

Measures for the displaced

She added that the pause Iraqi society on the issue of the displaced and the testimony of an international exceeded all possible scenarios, the fact that the citizen feet of displaced people more than the government itself, which came procedures too late, noting that each province bore the burden of the displaced her efforts mass, as well as the ministry provided support, according to its available potentials, revealing modes provided for the transfer of control of the displaced Kalak in Arbil to southern and central provinces, pointing to the difficulty of providing transfer payments to those displaced distances in excess of two million dinars.

Adviser to the ministry of women’s affairs, family and community organizations confirmed the invitation ministry for civil society organizations, international humanitarian to the equitable distribution of aid among the displaced, indicating it had detected during field visits that such assistance is concentrated within the northern provinces for fear of the security situation in Baghdad and other provinces and thus depriving large numbers of displaced the support provided by these organizations


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