American efforts to persuade Iraqi Sunni factions fight Daash

Posted on September 25, 2014


Posted 21/09/2014 06:22 PM
Zuhair Al-Qabas Dujaili:
Political sources said the military and senior intelligence Americans are conducting two weeks ago in Amman talks with Iraqi factions armed Sunni, had previously fought against the occupation forces and the government in Baghdad, in attempts to persuade them to lay down arms and join the formations of the so-called «National Guard» in Sunni provinces to fight Daash, and alignment Haider al-Abadi with the Government in order to create a Shiite-Sunni balance in the political process and in the management of the country. The sources said that the talks, which embarrass the government Abadi and involving seven armed factions, conducted with the support and care of Jordan and prominent figures in the middle of the Sunni Iraqi resident in Amman, aimed at persuading those factions to join a project to fight «Daash» and integration into formations «National Guard» that the United States seeks to create financial support and military training.

Some of these factions such as «Army of the Mujahideen» and «Brigades», has refused to participate in these discussions. But Sunni figures and tribal Iraqi window and have a significant impact in those groups, tried and are trying so far, to convince all those factions to participate in these discussions and the imposition of conditions and achieve the gains that everyone is looking forward to it in the words of those sources.

And require those factions in talks with the crew Alomirkaa negotiator too many conditions may be difficult for the government Atrda Abadi and the Shiite alliance that supports it. Among the most prominent demands the abolition of the militia of the government and the Shiite alliance and withdrawn from the street and re-election in the Sunni provinces and the adoption of the characters that represent the fact that the Sunni center and not those personalities marginal upon which the government now, as well as the demands of the basic such as rewriting the constitution and the abolition of the laws of accountability, justice and de-Baathification. And that the National Guard formations belonging to the governments in the Sunni provinces and its leaders and independent financial budgets and other claims.

These factions have teamed up with «Daash» when it was the attack on Mosul, Salahaddin, Anbar, Diyala and occupation of large areas of these provinces over the past two months, but the news talked about the occurrence of disagreements and clashes between these factions and «Daash».

The bloc said «united», which is led by former parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, she made ​​contacts with some of these factions to persuade them to join the political process to meet «big gains».

American pressure large

According to informed sources that American pressure on the Baghdad government has become so large that the limited options in front of them. It seeks the American effort to achieve genuine reconciliation on the ground between Sunnis and Shiites to face «Daash» with out of the robes of Iran, while other sources said that the talks may not have the positive attitudes of all the factions, but they will not go out without results in the forefront of moving steps for the formation of the so-called b «National Guard troops» which received opposition from Shiite entities window considers mines American sectarian, and threaten to keep Shiite militias formed in the street if those forces.

Zuhair al-Dujaili

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