The first images to use the system to toxic gases in Adra

Posted on September 24, 2014


September 24, 2014 AD KSA 14:18 – GMT 11:18

Assad regime targeted the city of Adra Rural Damascus poison gas, which led to the fall of 7 people and wounded others bottlenecks.

In another context, activists reported that the rebels fought the regime forces that are trying to storm two days ago, the town of Adra, attached to losses in their ranks.

The activists stressed that the rebels were able to capture a colonel in Assad’s forces, and called Moses Ali, also destroyed a tank “T-72” in addition to cart “me. Um. Me” during the ongoing battles between them and the regime’s army.

The regime’s forces announced a few days ago a process to restore Adra after they leave for several weeks outside the circle of conflict, at a time when it is still at its most intense clashes in the “exhausting” and “Jobar”.

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