Free army repels attacks by regime forces in the vicinity of Damascus

Posted on September 24, 2014


eptember 9, 2014 AD

Developments in the military situation in Syria, the army was able to repel the attempts to free the system aimed to regained control of the town in a smoky Damascus, also foiled attempts by regime forces to storm the neighborhood of Jobar and continuing for more than a month.

The system aircraft killed more than 70 civilians in raids on the violent provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

 In Daraa forces carried out the system several raids near the water tank in the southern town of Ibta, was also hit town of Atman artillery bombardment long most residential districts, while the southern neighborhood of the city of nuclei Exposure to throw explosive barrels, caused the burning of a number of houses, while the military free of the destruction of a tank belonging to the forces of order on the Eastern Front for the city of nuclei, in conjunction with the continuing clashes between the army and the free regime forces on the outskirts of Manshia up in the shield of the country, according to the network directly Syria.

 It enables the rebels of targeting the villages of Al-Azizia and sidewalk Moalitin system in Hama, a number of shells, in conjunction with the bombing by Assad’s forces on the villages and Aldhlak Althelol Rouge countryside of Hama with heavy artillery, destroying a number of houses.

 In Aleppo reported Revolution General Commission that regime forces shelled the mountain district of Karam mortar, as the Khalidiya neighborhood exposure to mortar shelling led to the fall of the number of wounded.

 In Homs, regime forces shelled stationed in the barriers corresponding to the city and the village of Hula SD heavy artillery targeted houses led to the destruction and the displacement of some families, according to the General Authority for revolution.

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