Free Army: Assad Daash terrorism and we are committed to fight it

Posted on September 24, 2014



Confirmed the General Staff of the Free Syrian Army to fight terrorism in all its forms and articles thereof and sects, wherever it was, starting with the Assad gangs and mercenaries Hbihth and Iran and Hezbollah, and a brigade of Abu al Fadl al Abbas offender, and the end of Besniath updated Daash.

A statement signed by the Chief of General Staff of the Free Syrian Army, Brigadier Abdul Ilah al-Bashir, the “army of free parking with all national forces and the sincere Free International in order to achieve this noble objective of the Syrian people.”

The statement called for “the need to neutralize the national and Islamic forces and moderate unarmed civilians by the Department of targeting, and focus on the forces of tyranny and extremism patrons of the Assad regime and its cronies and his mercenaries of Hezbollah fighters and Daash.”وAnd record the statement of the FSA that “the Assad regime, which begs participation in the international coalition is brought from Syria to this case, to emerge victorious on the will of the Syrians who are seeking their freedom to salvation from tyranny and terrorist groups in order to reach Syria civilian free and democratic.”And demanded that the leadership of the General Staff in the FSA, the international community to fulfill its obligations supported by army troops free armament and training, so that they can face the challenges ahead in the face of terrorism and the basic Moldath that threaten world peace. “

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