Warning Americans: a new group of the most dangerous Daash

Posted on September 20, 2014


The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper of America for the emergence of a group of al-Qaeda in Syria will not fall below the danger to the United States from so-called organized Daash

The Clapper, during a conference of intelligence held in Washington, that the group, which is known as the “group Khorasan” is currently working in the region, and could represent a significant threat to the United States, such as what it represents Daash.
He warned director of the American intelligence community that this could be another source of threat to the United States, pointing out that American intelligence agencies began to follow that group some time ago.

The organization includes cadres of al Qaeda fighters veteran of Afghanistan and Pakistan who traveled to Syria to join the “Front victory,” al-Qaeda branch there.
According to a secret American intelligence estimates, the militants “Khorasan” working with the makers of bombs from al-Qaeda branch in Yemen, and to test new ways to pass the explosives from airport security. The fear is that gives the militants “Khorasan” These explosives developed for recruits Westerners who might be able to sneak into the bound flights

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