In the Security Council will discuss the shutdown of Russia from the global Internet

Posted on September 20, 2014


September 19, 2014  06:27

 On 19 September.  INTERFAX.RU – next week in the Security Council with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss the possibility of the country off from the global Internet in the event of an emergency, said on Friday “   Gazette ”  “Referring to the staff of telecom operators, Internet companies, and nonprofit organizations. Ability to turn off Russia from the global network should be spelled out in a special manner of Internet governance, to prevent violations in his work as a result of hostile action and targeted.

Sides “Vedomosti” clarify that the question about how to disable access to the Internet is not. . Refers to the ability of operators quickly disable the Russian network of global.

 Emergencies will be treated as mass protests or military operations inside the country.

Also, the participants of the Security Council will discuss the transfer of state functions domain administrator. “. Now engaged in this public organization “Coordination Center for TLD.”

. According to an employee of a large operator, the goal of the state – to protect ðóíåò of isolation from the United States.  This can happen if the United States decides to disconnect from Russia of IP-addresses.

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