Posted on September 20, 2014


With a primary mission aircraft Rafale fighter, the French raid against the Islamic State in Iraq began this morning.
September 19, 2014
“At 9:40 our aircraft Rafale conducted a first attack on a logistics depot of terrorist organization Daech (this is called the Is or Isis in derogatory term, ed) in north-eastern Iraq. The goal was completely destroyed and other operations will follow in the coming days, “announced the French president, François Hollande, in a statement.

The operation was conducted in the area of Mosul where bombs were dropped 250 kg of luggage containing ammunition, vehicles and fuel reserves, according to military sources transalpine. The goal in all probability was an old Iraqi army base, located in a military area and therefore there would be the risk of “collateral damage”, according to the same sources. The mission lasted six hours.

Since the beginning of the week, French military aircraft based at Al Dhafra, United Arab Emirates, have conducted reconnaissance missions over Iraq. At Al Dhafra are normally six Rafale, several aircraft between transport and about 750 French soldiers.

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