Ukrainian bishop believes the country’s authorities Satanic

Posted on September 19, 2014


16 September 2014, 12:15

Ukrainian bishop believes the country’s authorities Satanic

Moscow, September 16, Interfax – Vicar of the Chernovitsy Diocese Bishop Longin of Bancheny criticizes representatives of Ukrainian authorities.

“I will never pray at the Divine Liturgy for these cursed leaders of our country, these atheists, who don’t have God’s fear, who have occupied their chairs and give orders to kill,” the hierarch said in his interview with the Tatyanin Den (St. Tatyana’s Day) website.

According to the bishop, the authorities don’t need anything except bloodshed, “they find pleasure in it.”

“Satanists! Servants of the evil. If they don’t stop, then the Lord will stop them, but they will face a great trouble,” he said.

Bishop Longin spoke against mobilization, urging not to “send your children to death.”

“Our Orthodox faith doesn’t allow us killing each other, they want death of our people, who live in peace with God, for the sake of their political interests, for the sake of those who protect their business and leading posts,” he said.

The hierarch also said that the USA and Europe “will fully pay for the blood that stained their hands and cloths.”

Another official of the Ukrainian church, head of its press service Vasily Anisimov has recently accused the country’s authorities in eliminating their own people.

“They don’t love Ukrainians and don’t sympathize with them. If they sympathized with them, they won’t send them to die in Maidan – if you have a bullet to forehead, then let it be, they won’t drive them to fraternal war in Donbass (the third mobilization during the year), they won’t doom them to hungry, cold, poor existence, which, according to economists, we will face this winter,” Anisimov said in his interview with the Radonezh Orthodox society website.

Anisimov believes that “if we want to join Europe, we must do at least something in European way.”

“Scotland holds a referendum on independence. Leaders of all parties, government left London for Scotland to ask separatists not to separate. No one said that Scotland would be either English or deserted, no arrests, shelling, informational blockade, shooting, refugees and anti-terrorist operations. Evidently, the English love Scotland if they don’t level it with the ground,” he said.

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