Obama refused Poroshenko in supplying heavy weapons

Posted on September 19, 2014


September 19, 2014  08:41 8:41

Ukrainian President during his visit to the United States tried to convince Obama that some blankets and binoculars it is not enough to defeat the militias
On 19 September. INTERFAX.RU –– President Barack Obama rejected the Ukrainian president Peter Poroshenko in supply of military weapons and heavy military equipment, the agency Associated Press  “President Obama welcomed the new Ukrainian leader in the White House, but stumbled on the implementation of urgent requests, the visitor on the supply of American military equipment to fight the pro-Russian separatists,” – said the agency report.

Before the meeting with Obama Poroshenko made ​​in the American Congress, where he said that Ukraine needs the supply of arms and military equipment.

“Blankets and night vision binoculars – this is important, but no one can win the war only blankets” – quoted by AP president.

However, as noted by the agency, the White House announced on granting Ukraine $ 46 million for military purposes, including the supply of radar to determine the points of enemy artillery, vehicles, engineering equipment, as well as highlighted the Ukrainian humanitarian organizations $ 7 million to help victims during the conflict.

 In addition, according to Poroshenko, between him and his American counterpart was agreed to provide $ 1 billion in Kiev financial guarantees from the United States.

 Obama, as the AP, also assured Poroshenko, whom he called “a good guy” and that “the people of the United States stands on the same side with the people of Ukraine.” American President during the meeting called for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, Poroshenko promised to make efforts to do so.


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