In Canadian shores spotted Russian strategic bombers

Posted on September 19, 2014


September 20, 2014 2:11

Approximation of Russian military aircraft in its borders also reported in the United States, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden
 Photo: ITAR-TASS, Marina Lisceva
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 INTERFAX.RU – Canadian military on September 18 detected in the 50-100 km from the border of the country, two Russian strategic bombers Tu-95.  The incident occurred a few hours after his official visit President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko addressed the Canadian Parliament.

To intercept bombers, fighters raised the CF-18 Hornet.  When Canadian military aircraft identified TU-95, the last turned and flew in the opposite side of the Canadian border.

 According to the publication, the bombers did not violate the airspace of Canada, but flew in the area of ​​air defense identification.. In this zone, the aircraft must identify themselves at the request of the aeronautical authorities of the country to which they are approaching.

 СМИ On the night of September 20, the Western media  reported ,. That in the identity area Air Defense were seen six MiG-35. . Raised whether the alarm American interceptors – is not known. . Russian planes left the area.

The Washington Free Beacon On Wednesday and Thursday there were two more incidents involving Russian aircraft, writes The Washington Free Beacon, citing the press-secretary of the Command aerospace defense of North America Jeff Davis (Jeff A. Davis).

 According to him, the American F-22 fighters were raised in the air to intercept two TU-95, two MiG-31 and two IL-78 air refueling tankers, which were seen in the sky near the northern and western coasts of Alaska.. As in the case of Canada, the planes are not violated the airspace of the United States, flying 63 miles (about 100 km) off the coast of Alaska.

 Cases of Russian aircraft approaching the border airspace were marked in Europe. According to The Washington Free Beacon citing officials from the ministries of defense, on Tuesday two Tu-95 flew in close proximity in the airspace of the Netherlands. . To intercept Russian bombers raised Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, and British fighters. Тогда . Then Tu-95 did not violate the airspace of NATO countries.

On Wednesday, Swedish fighters were alerted by the fact that the country’s airspace violated two Russian Su-24.. Without incident Also on Thursday, it was reported that two TU-95 flew near the UK.  Military Pound lifted into the air fighter Typhoon, based on the base near the Scottish town of Lossiemouth

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