A woman reports a massacre of the Mexican army

Posted on September 19, 2014


Agence France-Presse


. A woman posing as a witness to the death of 22 suspected criminals killed by the Mexican army in June assured Esquire magazine that 21 of them were executed after surrendering, and not in the course of confrontation, unlike the authorities’ version.

 “It made ​​them stand in line and killed,” according to Julia, fictional name given to the witness by Esquire magazine that publishes Thursday on its website excerpts from a survey published in October.

Questioned by AFP, an official from the Mexican Ministry of Justice pointed out that the judicial inquiry into the case was “open, not yet concluded” and that he could not give details at this time.

 However, he says, “so far there is no evidence to suggest that this would have been a settling of accounts or executions” by the military.

 On June 30, the Ministry of Defence issued a statement in which it was written that “22 alleged assailants”, 21 men and a minor wife, had been killed during a night patrol of soldiers Tlatlaya 240 km southeast of Mexico City.

The statement said the clash took place at dawn after military had located a “guarded by armed men who opened fire in realizing the presence of troops warehouse, which led military personnel to reply to this aggression. “

 The ministry had said that 25 heavy weapons were seized and three women “who have been explained away” by the commando had been found on site.

. Esquire magazine ensures that the witness Julia, who hides his real name for fear of reprisals, is one of the three women. Elle nie avoir été enlevée par ce groupe, sans expliquer la raison de sa présence sur les lieux. She denies being kidnapped by this group, without explaining the reason for his presence at the scene.

Julia soutient que ce sont les militaires qui ont tiré les premiers et que, dans la fusillade, il n’y a eu qu’un mort. Julia maintains that it is the soldiers who fired first and that, in the shooting, there was only one death. Les 21 autres personnes, dont une adolescente de 15 ans blessée à la jambe dans les échanges de coups de feu, auraient été tuées part les militaires après s’être rendues en demandant qu’on leur laisse la vie sauve. The other 21 people, including a 15 year old girl wounded in the leg in the exchange of gunfire, were killed by the military after surrendering asking that they be given live.

Selon José Miguel Vivanco, directeur de l’ONG Human Rights Watch, le témoignage publié par Esquire «indiquerait que nous sommes devant le pire massacre de civils de la part de militaires» depuis l’arrivée du président mexicain Enrique Peña Nieto au pouvoir en décembre 2012. According to Vivanco, director of Human Rights Watch, the testimony published by Esquire “would indicate that we are facing the worst massacre of civilians by military” since the arrival of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to power in December in 2012.

«Le gouvernement de Peña Nieto ne peut garder le silence», a-t-il déclaré à l’AFP. “The Government of Peña Nieto can not remain silent,” he has told AFP.

Le gouvernement de M. Nieto a maintenu le vaste déploiement militaire contre les trafiquants de drogue décidé en 2006 par son prédécesseur Felipe Calderon et qui avait fait plus de 70 000 morts. The government of Mr. Nieto has maintained extensive military deployment against drug dealers decided in 2006 by his predecessor, Felipe Calderon and left more than 70,000 dead. Il s’était accompagné de nombreuses dénonciations d’exactions de militaires contre les civils. He was accompanied by many military denunciations of abuses against civilians

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