Women of America “Ajbn” Daash ISIS.. and “hunting” online

Posted on September 18, 2014


Last update: Wednesday 22 November 1435 e – September 17, 2014 AD KSA 14:15 – GMT 11:15

London – Mohammed Ayesh


About organizing “Daash” his attention towards women and adolescent girls in the United States after that was able to attract large numbers of European women who Tqatrn during the last period on the regulation for either marriage of its members or to fight in its ranks, among them a British woman who migrated there, accompanied by a small child, and joined with him to be the first fighters for “jihad of Britain” as I wrote in a tweet, “Twitter” recently.

 Revealed newspaper “The Times” that the British phenomenon lure women to travel to Syria and to join the “Daash” moved from Europe to the United States, where police began the American investigation with three families of ethnic Somalis in the city, “Minnie polis” after the disappearance of several girls from these three families During the past six weeks, to prove to be among them old girl, 19-year-old told her family that she wants to prepare for the wedding to prove they quickly boarded a plane bound for Turkey and crept from there to the city of Raqqa Syria where she joined fighters “Daash” and perhaps married to one of them. He condemned the American judiciary last Friday old girl 19-year-old from the state of Colorado after it was discovered that she was on her way to join the organization, “Daash” in Syria, where he was arrested at the airport in “Denver” American in April and in possession of a ticket in one direction ( go without return), to prove quickly that he bought a ticket fighters “Daash” online and sent it to the American Girl until it reaches him in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

ccording to “The Times”, the US intelligence agencies fear that the fighters “Daash” had begun operations and wide on the Internet in order to attract fighters from the United States, especially from Muslim women and girls, also show these devices the fear that is the use of these girls in bombings suicide.

Seduce online

Said Maya Bloom, Professor at the Center for Security Studies and terrorism at the University of Maschuseis American “They are targeting young girls, and they Pavtrashen, the same methods that are used for sexual offenses against children.”

 Bloom suggests that many of these girls are Igoaahen through social networks on the Internet, or through newsletters and magazines published by the organization “Daash” in English.

And supplied the newspaper “The Times” is another story of an American girl was reluctant to mosque on the shores of the Mississippi River before deciding to travel to Syria under the pretext that they want to help children within the organization “Daash”, including the sons of the fighters and the fighters there.

Professor Bloom says that girls who are Astqtabhen for fighting with “Daash” is Igraúhen funds and cover all expenses, as well as marriage and having children. According to Professor Bloom and researcher estimates indicate the presence of about 130 women and girls from the United States and Western countries have been engaged so far in the organization “Daash”, and assets currently in Syria

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