To meet the Christians of the Orient calls to confront the terrorist organizations and stop funding

Posted on September 18, 2014



Invited to meet with Christians of the East in Lebanon, all the actors on the regional and international levels to counter terrorist organizations and halt funding because of the crimes committed against the innocent citizens and especially the Christians.

 He stressed the meeting in a statement issued after its regular meeting at his headquarters in the Diocese of Chaldeans in Baabda today under the chairmanship of its secretary general, Bishop Samir Mazloum, “to work for the immunization of the Charter of the co-existence and strengthen the bonds of unity among all Lebanese and especially in these difficult circumstances experienced by the region that need to be concerted all efforts in order to strengthen the approach of moderation and dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of others. “

 He thanked the meeting, the Patriarchs of the Eastern Churches get them on the issue of the Christian presence in this region and deliver it to the capitals of the decision, “particularly on their recent visit to Washington and meet them, the American president and a number of senior officials.”

 The Eastern Catholic Patriarchs participated in the conference held in the United States last week and stressed the importance of the fight against terrorism, which in the Middle East and the preservation of the Christian presence in this region and denounced the practices of the organization “Daash” terror against Christians and minorities in Iraq and Syria.

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