Tehran: do not trust America and its decision to support terrorists in Syria is a strategic error

Posted on September 18, 2014



New Iranian President Hassan Rohani parking and his country’s support to Syria and Iraq in their confrontation of terrorist organizations and Tsidihma have expressed doubts about the claims of America in its fight against terrorism.

The President emphasized spiritual in an interview with NBC News America reported by Iranian media today that Iran will not allow to organize / Daash / terrorist “to bypass the red lines and the occupation of the Iraqi capital and the holy cities in Iraq,” calling for the need to obtain the consent of the peoples and governments of the countries that will use its airspace to carry out air strikes in the war against the terrorist organization in question.

 He described the spiritual International Coalition of America, which was established to fight the terrorist organization that funny because it still supports terrorism, money and weapons.

He condemned President strongly spiritual practices of brutality and heinous criminal acts committed by terrorist organizations incitements against the peoples of the region, warning that “terrorists are trying to destroy humanity.”

 Rohani pointed to crimes committed by the organization “Daash” terrorist killing and slaughtering innocent people and said “from the viewpoint of the principles of Islamic culture and the killing of an innocent human being is equivalent to kill all humans.” Rohani said, “The big dilemma facing the world today is violence and extremism” and expressed the hope enables heads of states and representatives of the United Nations to carry out a serious and urgent solving the world’s problems, including the security and stability.

 He added that “anyone in the world who commits practices against the funds and people’s lives is very far from Islam and all divine religions,” pointing out that those who commit today heinous crimes in the region in the name of Islam surely they are liars in their claims because there was no consensus between their work and the Islamic provisions.

 In this regard, the president condemned the spiritual slaughter of American journalists by organizing “Daash” The crimes committed by terrorists and said that the killing of innocent people has nothing to do with Islam.

He said Rohani The fight against terrorism need to study and know the roots and if you find a problem in our area, the peoples and governments of the region feel the problem more than the rest of other states who are removed from the area thousands of kilometers stressing that others should not think that they can lead the solution to the region’s problems, because experience has shown during this years lack of success in the fight against terrorism.

 The Iranian president stressed that if he should fight terrorism in the region, it is necessary to take the peoples of the countries in the region as well as their governments decision in this regard, and if others want to help, they can help in this area.

. On the Iranian nuclear file Iranian President said the decision seriously by Iran to continue negotiations to resolve and settle the nuclear issue through negotiation does not know and does not see a way only negotiations in contrast to some who say that there are a lot of options on Taulthm and they too crowded pointing out that the table Iran is not crowded and it only pages logic and reasoning and negotiation and dealing. He also stressed Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a speech before the American Research Center in New York that most of the participants in the Paris meeting, the latter on the fight against terrorism have contributed one way or another in strengthening the organization “Daash” terrorist stressing that it can not eliminate this regulation through strikes Air must find new mechanisms to deal with facts and new situations. 2

Zarif pointed out that the settlement of the Iranian nuclear dossier is very easy if the objective reassurance of a peaceful Iranian nuclear program and that Iran could have no such reassurance through transparency measures and work to bring about changes in the facility Arak heavy water.

. He criticized the American policy towards Iran and said that Western aid embargo on Iran turned into a goal for Washington, pointing to the high number of Iranian centrifuges to 19 thousand and 800 device and that this increase is a result of the embargo on Iran.

 In turn, Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs Iranian and African Hussein Amir Abdul Allahaan that the American Administration’s decision arming and supporting terrorist organizations in Syria is a strategic mistake.

Said Abdul Allahaan in a statement to the news agency Fars, “The authentication American House of Representatives on a resolution about the training of terrorist organizations in Syria comes a continuation of the policy of duplication and aggravation destabilize security and stability and the growth of terrorism in Syria and the region.” 2

And Abdel Allahaan that America’s policy process toward organizing Daash terrorist duplicative where Americans want to play with the organization in Iraq while trying to give this terrorist organization in Syria a chance to spread and expansion, stressing that his country does not have confidence in America to lead the fight against terrorism in the region.

.It is noteworthy that the American administration continues to support the open and declared terrorism in Syria under different names and different pretexts while claiming the development of strategies and plans to combat it by forming an alliance with an alleged supporters of his principal expresses a clear hypocrisy of Washington.

In this context, the voice of the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans yesterday on Obama’s request for training and arming terrorist organizations in Syria, which Washington calls the label “moderate opposition”.

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