Islamic State called a ‘lone wolves’ of US to attack in NY and Las Vegas

Posted on September 18, 2014


New York and Las Vegas tightened security after jihadist group made a call on Internet forums to “lone wolves” to violate with household items‘lobos-solitarios’-de-EU-a-atentar-en-NY-y-Las-Vegas-.html

NEW YORK New York and Las Vegas tightened security in its main tourist attractions after the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) make a call on Internet forums to “lone wolves” in America to infringe on those cities with home appliances.
This is the first time the EI uses this medium to inspire an attack with “lone wolves”.  We are quite concerned that the EI has more capacity than Al Qaeda militants to capture through social networks, “said Police Commissioner William Bratton told local media.

“New York is just a plane ride” of militants trained in Syria EI with western passports, he added.

. For the official, the threat is not that EI can attack cells in the United States, but the ability to inspire the jihadist group performance of “lone wolves” in the nation.

One of the messages that caused the alert police in New York and Las Vegas is a guide entitled: “A lone wolves in the United States: How to make a bomb in your kitchen, create scenes of terror and tourist attractions other objectives “, which first reported the digital” Vocativ “.

Faced with this threat, which is explicitly mentioned a potential attack on the iconic Times Square New York, the City Police tightened security in the last few hours, but claims not to be satisfied that there is no planned attack on the city.

Las Vegas is one of the target cities that appeared in the comments of the jihadists in internet forums, where they are very active in recruiting new members, so that the local police have increased surveillance, although neither have not identified a specific threat.

The recruitment of Westerners to fight alongside the EI is one of the major concerns of the governments of EU and Europe when dealing with individuals with freedom of movement and therefore could carry out attacks in European or American soil.

.Indeed, the EU Justice yesterday accused the young Mufid A. Elfgeeh, a Yemeni-born American, recruit militants to fight in the ranks of jihadist group Islamic State (EI) in Syria and Iraq and threatening military and Shiite Muslims in the North American country

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