20 most important figure in Iraqi Daash .. except one Syrian

Posted on September 18, 2014


Thursday 23 November 1435 e – September 18, 2014 AD



 Al-Arabiya airs on Friday a new episode of the program “industry of death” where the viewer to recognize the greater information about the leadership of the terrorist organization Daash.

 Remarkably, in the ring, that’s 20 largest figure in the leadership of the organization, are Iraqi nationals, and there is only one Syrian leaders within these twenty-regulation.

Here is a list of these, physically, and their real names, along with their jobs in the organization:
– أ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi named Ibrahim Awad al-Badri / leader of al Daash
– Abu Muslim Turkish named Fadel al-Hayali, a past, an officer in the Iraqi army / deputy leader of the organization
Abu Abdul Rahman Albiloa, named Adnan Ismail Najm, a former officer in the army / military official General
– Abu Bashar al-Harith and his name Ismail Jerger of Mosul / junta chief General
Abu Kasim / named Abdullah Ahmed al-Mashhadani / official reception fighters and bombers insurance
– Abu Hajer Alasava, named Mohammed Hamid al-Dulaimi / General Coordinator of the organization
–  Abu Salah, a conciliator named Mustafa Akarmosh / financial official in the organization
– Abu Ali Turkmen named Abdul Wahid Ahmed Khudair / in charge of the overall security

– Abu Mohammed Ismail and his name Bashar al-Hamdani / file official prisoners
– Abu Abdel Kader named Shaukat Hazem Alfarhat / chief administrative officer of the year in the organization
– Abu struggle and charity named Abdul Hamood Taiawi / official booby-trapping in the organization
– Suja named Abu Abdul Rahman Auf spontaneous / social affairs official in the organization
– أ– Shaima Abu Fares and named Riad al-Naimi / official stores of arms in the organization
– Abu soft and named Ahmed Abdel Kader Aldzaa / organization official in Baghdad
Abu Muhannad named Adnan Latif Asoehada / official organization in Anbar
–  Abu Gernas named Radwan al-Hamdani, the student / official border between Iraq and Syria
Abu Fatima Algehiche named Ahmed Mohsen Algehiche / Msowl organization in southern Baghdad
– Abu Fatima al-Jubouri and his name grace Abdul Nayef al-Jubouri / organization official in Kirkuk
– Nabil Abu named Wissam Abdul-Zubaidi / organization official in Salaheddin
– أ– Abu Mohammed Adnani named Subhi Taha cultivation, a Syrian nationality and is the only leader in the Iraqi organization / media official in the organization

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